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Yarn of 3 colors for bear and 2 for hare (I have vanna's choice) 
Hook 3.25mm 
Gobelin needle 
ordinary needle and thread for nose and mouth 
eyes (buttons, beads, felt, etc.) 
blush and brush 

KA-ring amigurumi v 
-air loop 
sbn-column without nakida 
Leg ( 2 details) 
5sbn in KA 
1. 5pr (10) 
2-4. 10sbn (10) 

FOR FOOT (1 part) 
Leave the thread at the beginning, 5vp 
1-2. run, turn, 5sbn 
Finish. Using the remaining threads on each side, sew on the legs. Sew on 2sbn on each leg. When both legs are sewn, insert the hook and pull the loop to the right or left.
The end of the thread can be used as a gasket. 
At us it turns out on 8 sbn on each leg and on 5sbn on connection: (schematic brown drawing below) 

1. vp, sbn in the same loop. This sbn-first sbn. 
Next, knit in a circle another 25sbn and ss in the first loop. (26) 
We begin and end each row in the following way: wp, cbn in the same loop - at the beginning, cc at the end of the row. 
2. 2pr on each side (30) 
3. repeat row 2 (34) 
Change the color (color A) 
4-5. 34sbn 
change color (color B) 
6-7. 34sbn 
change to color A 
8-9. 34sbn 
change to color B 
10. to 1ub on each side (32) 
11. 32sbn 
change to color A
12. 1 kilo on each side (30) 
13. 30sbn 
change to B color 
14. 14. 1 kill on each side (28) 
15. 28sbn 
change to bear color 
16. 1 
finish on 1 kill on each side (26) . To stuff. 

1. run, 9b, 3b in 1-n loop, on the other side: 8b, pr (22) we 
knit in a spiral 
2. 1 n on each side (24) 
3. 2 on each side (28) 
4-5 . 28sbn 
6. 1 pr from each side (30) 
7. 30sbn 
8. 1 pr from each side (32) 
9. 32sbn 
10. 1 pr from each side (34) 
11. 1 pr from each side (36 ) 
12. 3ub on each side (30)
13. 2ub on each side (26) 
finish, leave a long thread. Stuff, sew to the body. 

BEARS EARS: (2 parts) 
6sbn in SC 
1. 6pr (12) 
2. 12sbn 
3. (sb, sr) x4 times (8) 
finish, leave a long thread, do not tamper. 

HARE EARS (2 parts) 
6sbn in SC 
1. 6pr (12) 
2-3. 12sbn 
4. (2sbn, ub) * 3 times (9) 
5. 9sbn 
finish, leave a long thread, do not tamper 

6sbn in KA 
1. (2sbn, etc.) x2 times (8) 
2-8. 8sbn 
finish, leave the thread for sewing. Do not stuff, but fill the beginning of the thread at the bottom of the hand, making it a little rounded.

For the scarf, I used 5mm knitting needles, gained 9 loops, the number of rows — up to the required length. 
We attach eyes, we embroider a mouth, a nose, a navel (at a hare). Blush cheeks.


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