Herringbone Christmas Tree

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Main part: 
1p: ka, 6sbn (6p); 
2p: 6sbn (6p); 
3p: (1sbn, pr) * 3 (9p); 4p: no meas-y (9p); 5p: (2sbn, pr) * 3 (12p). At this stage, we pass a jute rope, previously tied in a knot, through the amigurumi ring . 6p: no meas-d (12p); 7p: (3b, pr) * 3 (15p); 8p: no meas-y (15p); 9r: (4b, pr) * 3 (18p); 10p: unmeasured (18p); 11p: (5sbn, pr) * 3 (21p); 12p: unmeasured (21p); 13p: (6sbn, pr) * 3 (24p); 14p: no meas-y (24p); 15r: (7sbn, pr) * 3 (27p); 16p: no meas-y (27p); 17 p: (8b, pr) * 3 (30p); 18p: no meas-y (30p);

19р: (9сбн, пр) * 3 (33п); 
20p: unchanged (33p); 
21r: (10sbn, pr) * 3 (36p); 
22p: no meas-d (36p). we fix the thread and cut it off. 
We got a pyramid Christmas tree. 
Go to knitting bottom. 
The bottom of the Christmas tree: 
1p: ka, 6sbn (6p); 
2p: pr * 6 (12p); 
3p: (1sbn, pr) * 6 (18p); 
4p: (2sbn, pr) * 6 (24p); 
5p: (3b, pr) * 6 (30p); 
6p: (4sbn, pr) * 6 (36p), we fix the thread and leave a small tail in order to sew the bottom to the Christmas tree. 
Next, glue the cardboard circle to the bottom of the Christmas tree on the wrong side. Then sew the bottom to the main part, tightly stuffing with filler. 
So we got this bottom of the Christmas tree. 
And the main part:


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