Knitting Eyes for Toys

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Difficulty: Low
Working time: 1 hour
Materials: mohair, knitting needles

Purchase eyes for toys-empty and soulless. Simple but very original and expressive eyes can be made by yourself! I will tell about one of my favorite variants of knitted eyes:)


-White Kidmocher Alize (in two addition);
-2 Spokes (2 mm);
-Sewing needle, black and white sewing thread;
-2 black beads;
-Black chalk for toning.

From white Kidmoherova yarn in two addition to tie a square: dial on a needle 9 loops and knit a face smooth of 11 rows (in obverse rows to knit obverse loops, in Purl-Purls):

Сформируйте  шарик: по всему периметру прошейте иголкой с ниткой и затяните (набивать не нужно, достаточно просто заправить внутрь все хвостики пряжи):

Sew the detail on the appropriate place on the muzzle of the toy, black thread above the separator in the center and sew The beads:

For greater expressiveness, turn the black line around the eye and shade the paint/chalk:

Ready! Enjoy your creativity:)

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