Amigurumi Bunny Keychain Free Pattern

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I have a yarn Alpina Lily, hook 1.5 

Knit yarn of two colors - white and blue. 
Do not forget to fill the bunny in the course of knitting. 

KA - ring amigurumi vp 
- air loop 
ss - connecting column 
sbn - column without nakida 
psn - half 
column with nakidom ssn - column with nakid 
pr - increase 
kill - decrease 

Handles (white) 2 parts 
1. 5sbn in SV (5) 
2.-6. 5sbn (5 rows) (5) 
Thread trimmed, hidden. Pens do not fill. 

Legs - 2 pieces. 
Begin knitting with white yarn. 
1. 6sbn in KA (6) 
2. 6sbn (6) 
Change the color to blue. 
3.-4. 6sbn (2 rows) (6) 
Tie one leg, trim the thread. The second leg does not cut the thread.
We do 3vp and we connect legs. Next, we knit in a circle in a clockwise direction: 
1. 6sbn around the first leg, 3 sbn into the chain from vp, 6sbn around the second leg, 3 sbn into the chain from vp (18) 
2.-4. 18 sat (3 rows) 
Change the color to white. We cut the blue thread and hide it. 
5. 18sbn - behind the rear walls of the hinges (18) 
6. (4sbn, ub) * 3 (15) 
7. 15 sat (15) 
8. (3sbn, ub) * 3 (12) 
We tie the handles, folding the top edge of the handle in half : 
9. 2 sbn, 2sbn with handle, 5sbn, 2sbn with second handle, 1sbn (12) 
10. (ass, sbn) * 4 (8) 
Here the head begins. 
11. (pr, sbn) * 4 (12) 
12. (pr, sbn) * 6 (18) 
13. (2sbn, pr) * 6 (24) 
14.-17. 24 Sat (4 rows) (24) 
18. (2sbn, slab) * 6 (18)
19. (UBN, UB) * 6 (12) 
20. 6UB (6) We 
tighten the hole, cut and hide the thread. 

Ears (white) - 2 parts 
We collect 10vp and knit, starting with the second loop from the hook: 
3sbn, 3psn, 2ssn, 6ssn last, on the other side of the chain: 2ssn, 3psn, 3sbn 
Leave the thread to be sewn. 

Tail (white) 
5sbn in spacecraft. 
Leave thread for sewing. 

Strap for pants. 
We collect a chain from the right length. I got about 20vp. 
And knit, starting with the second from the hook loop posts without crochet to the end of the chain. 
We sew the strap diagonally, decorate it with a button or a bead. 
Sew on the ears and tail. Embroider the spout. Sew, glue or embroider eyes. 
Bunny ready.


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