Crochet Toy Berry Cake Pattern

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"Berry cake" 🎁

😊vsem Hi! 😍 I came back with a gift for you, namely with a free master class on knitting berry Piroga🍒⠀

🥧pirog: ⠀
1.6 SBN in Ka⠀
2.6 Pr⠀
3. (1 SBN, D) * 6 ⠀
4. (2 SBN, D) * 6 ⠀
5. Behind the back Loop 24 Ss⠀
6. Tie the edge of the Rachim step (knitting from left to right) ⠀

🍒jagodki: ⠀
1.6 SBN in Ka⠀
2.6 SBN; Cut off the thread and bind Otverstie⠀

📌dalee Prishivayem or glue hot berry glue to Pirogu😊 your berry pie is ready, do not forget to mention the photo hashtag


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