Crochet Cup Valentine Day

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Complexity: Below average
Working time: 2 hours
Materials: Thread, hook, spokes, scissors, buttons

Good day everyone!
Ahead of us you will find one of the most beautiful and romantic holidays of the year-Valentine's Day! Personally, I love this holiday. And my husband and I try not to forget about him. This year I have for him a cozy and "warm" valentine to the morning tea! :)

Necessary materials: Two favorite mugs, threads, needles, hooks, scissors, buttons, satin ribbon.

1. Take a mug. We measure the length of its circumference. My mugs have the shape of a truncated cone, I take the maximum length. Then we measure the distance from the top to the bottom of the handle. We get the length and width of the rectangle. I have the size of 27x8 cm.

2. Knit a rectangle of the desired size by any pattern. I tied the squares, alternating the facial and seamy loops. And a part of a rectangle knitted simply a face smooth-in this place there will be a décor. For the second mug knitting the same rectangle:

3. Take the hook. We tie one length of a rectangle with columns without a scale, having closed it in a circle.

Skipping the thread from the reverse side, tie the width of the rectangle. Next, we tie the second length of the rectangle, also closing it in a circle. Let's skip the thread from the reverse side. Tie the last side to the middle. Make a chain of air loops, somewhere 5-7 cm (I had 20 air loops). Tie the side of the rectangle to the end. Fix and trim the thread. The tail is spun from the back of the thread. We get these kind of "Cheilchiki" for mugs.

5. Sewing the buttons.

6. We have a red ribbon between the eyelets in the form of a heart. Tie the tape on the wrong side. The second mug, in addition to the ribbon, I decorated a chocolate-coloured bow.

Our mugs are ready to:)
Let them preserve not only the warmth of your favorite drinks, but also the warmth of your hearts!!!

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