Light wing rainbow mini butterfly crochet

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From the category - fast, beautiful, original))

   Where do these butterflies hang? Anywhere - on a hat, hairpin, T-shirt, sandals; as a decor in the children's room, on the frame, on the curtains, the wall ... 

   I made hairpins, of course))

  Mk mini crochet butterfly

  You will need cotton yarn (for example, Begonia - in one addition; Violet - in two additions), a hook (No. 1.5), a needle with a wide eyelet, a bis = er or a bead, a needle with thread for sewing them. 

1. Knit a butterfly according to the scheme. Just one row per amigurumi ring.

2. We sew beads-beads on the wings.

3. We make the body and antennae with brown yarn, we use a needle with a wide eyelet.

4. Antennae we tie the ends of the threads to a knot double, then on each antenna, by a knot. We cut the excess.

5. We think where to attach))

  I somehow fixed the decor on metal hairpins with hot glue. such decorations did not exist for a long time - the children tore off, and it was very easy)) For greater durability, I thought up to tie such bases, and then sew or glue the décor (the coupling of the yarn with the yarn is higher than the yarn with the metal). 

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