Amigurumi Bear Free Pattern

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Complexity: Below average
Working time: 4 hours
Materials: Yarn, toy filler, needle, hook, spokes, cloth marker, toy eyes

For those who are passionate about toys, I suggest you to tie this little Pulika's teddy bear.

You will need:

-Yarn wool mixture 300 m in 100 gr for the body and a little turquoise cotton for nose embroidery and scarf;


-Eyes 6 mm;


-Black marker for fabric;

-Hook № 1.25;

-Spokes № 2.

I got a teddy bear 12 cm sitting, if you take the yarn thinner, then less.


V. P-Air loop;

RVN-a column without a scale;

С1N is a single-scale column;



Let's begin:)

The marker goes on the chin to the crown

2 VP of them 6 SBN;

2 P-Prib (12)

3 p (1 SBN, Prib) (18);

4-5 P-Knit in a circle (18);

6p-6 SBN, 6 Prib, 6 SBN (24);

7p-Knit in a circle (24);

8r-(3 SBN, Prib) (30);

9p-(4 SBN, Prib) (36);

10p-(5 SBN, Prib) (42);

11-16 P-Knit in a circle (42);

17p-(5 SBN, UB) (36);

18p-(4 SBN, UB) (30);

19p-(3 SBN, UB) (24);

20R-(2 SBN, UB).

Stuff. Continue to kill and close.


The marker goes in the middle of the back

2 VP of their 6 SBN;

2p-Prib (12);

3r-(1 sb, Prib) (18);

4r-(2 SBN, Prib) (24);

5p-(3 SBN, Prib) (30);

6p-(4 SBN, Prib) (36);

7p-(5 SBN, Prib) (42);

8р-(6 SBN, Prib) (48);

9-16 P-Knit in a circle (48);

17p-(4 SBN, UB) (40);

18p-Knit in a circle (40);

19p-(2 SBN, UB) (30);

20р-Knit in a circle (30);

21p-(2 SBN, UB) (24);

22-24 P-Knitting in a circle (24).

It's a tight-up. Continue to kill and close.

Top Legs

Marker on the inner side of the elbow

2 VP of them 6 SBN;

2p-knit in a circle (6);

3r-(1 sb, Prib) (9);

4-5 P-Knit in a circle (9);

6p-(2 SBN, Prib) (12);

7-8 P-Knit in a circle (12);

9-11 R-4 SBN, 4 с1n, 4 SBN (12);

12-15 P-Knit in a circle (12).

Stuff. Continue to kill and close.


Heel marker 

5 V.P. Further we tie them, make a stop: from the second loop 3 SBN, 3 SBN from one, 2 SBN, Prib (10);

2 P-Prib, 2 SBN, 3 Prib, 2 SB, 2 Prib (16);

3p-knit for a far wall in a circle (16);

4 P-Knit in a circle (16);

5r-5 SBN, 3 UB с1n, 5 SBN (13);

6p-Knit in a circle (13);

7p-5 SBN, Prib, 1 SBN, Prib, 5 SBN (15);

8p-Knit in a circle (15);

9r-6 SBN, Prib, 1 SBN, Prib, 6 SBN (17);

10-12 P-Knit in a circle (17). Stuff.

13p-(2 SBN, UB) 4 times, 1 SBN (13);

14p-(1 SBN, Prib) 4 times, 1 SBN (9);

Kill and Close.


2 VP of them Knit 4 SBN, not lock;

2p-Prib (8);

3r-(1 SBN, Prib) (12). Leave a small thread to sew the ears.

Proceed to the most interesting-the assembly.

Conditionally divide our body in half, only not in the front, and from above. As if we cut an apple.

And above on the conditional line of separation, where there should be the top legs them and Prišhivayem, retreating from the "neck" two rows.

Legs are pressed on 1-2 loops to the Popa from the conditional line. Then the bear will be puzvenenkim.

The head is sewing, retreating 6 rows from the beginning of knitting. Our teddy bear is assembled.

Let's get to the checkout.

The muzzle is dragged by a simple way-eyes + a mouth. Toning these places. Sticking eyes.

The turquoise thread embroider the nose and the Banki.


We recruit 70 loops and knit 5 rows of the knitting. Close and we do on Sharfike Bakhromu.

Source : https://www.livemaster.ru/topic/1704253-vyazhem-shokoladnogo-mishku-puhlika?msec=24

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