Amigurumi Bee

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 1. type 5 VP (air loops), put into a ring, 3 VP for lifting and knit 10 CCH, again 3 VP for lifting

2. knit 2 CCH in each loop

3. In the next row, we change the thread to black and we knit the SSN to make an increase in every 5th loop

4. The trail is a row of yellow, we knit just CCH without increments.

so alternate a row of yellow - a row of black

5. After the 3rd black row in the yellow row, we do a downgrade, for this we knit the CCH as usual, but not knitting, leaving 2 loops on the hook

the second SSN is also not complementary (there are already three loops on the hook)

Now we grab a thread with a hook and pull our loops through three loops — this is how it turned out to be a subtraction, in this row we subtract after three CCHs.

in the black row we reduce by three CLS, i. we fail to tie up three SSN and then we tie them together, and so is a decrease after a decrease

In the end you get a small hole, nothing terrible, it will not interfere with us - this is the torso and it's ready!

now knit the wing, 10 VP, 3 for lifting, knit CCH until the end of the row, in the last loop into which the 10th CCH is knitted, we knit another 4 CCH, while making a turn

knit on the other side of the knit row, until the end

at the end do 3-4 gains

and so knit on the "oval"

the result should be an oval of 4 rows

at the end we knit 1 sc and fix the thread with a semi-column

our wing is ready, also knit the second

now we knit the head - just a circle of the sc of the required diameter

Now we need to connect the wings, take a black thread, and knit on the edge of the wing three sc

Now untie the crochet thread tying the second wing and knit three more sc

tying overturned inside out, and knit back 6 sbn

now we need to attach the head, without tearing off the threads, we start to tie up the head, without additions

that's what's going to happen

connect with the wing of a semi-column

now you need to sew up this hole

you can sew it with a needle and thread, or you can crochet the edges together

that's what happens

it now remains to sew our bee to the product, and to make eyes, I used black beads, sewing my head for the volume I filled it with a little cotton can be steam bath

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