Amigurumi Dog Description

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Let's look at the legend using the example of the description of this cute dog:    
Knit - facial, purl - purl, stitch - loop 
Now abbreviated: k - facial, p-purl, st - loop
We look at the beginning of the description - Back - back (make 1 piece) (to make 1 detail) ,

 then we will knit the back of the dog:

main color yarn - the main color of the yarn: Abbreviated -  mc

Using the main color of the yarn, we will pick up 30 loops and knit 2 rows with the front satin stitch. 

ss 2 rows - ss - stitch in stitch - loop in the loop, that is, the front surface.

Continuing to knit the front satin stitch, add 1 loop at the beginning of the next 5 rows (35 loops)

Inc - add - inc 1 st - add 1 loop

In the eighth row is proposed to insert a red marker in the first and last loop of the series and knit the entire series of purl.

Ss 8 rows - 8 rows of the front surface.

Start the first spot:
mc is the primary color of the yarn, ss is the contrasting color of the yarn

17th row: 15 facial ones with the main color of yarn (k15) and 5 facial ones with contrast color, 15 more facial ones from the second coil of the basic color of the yarn

18th row: 14 purl main color, 7 worn out. contrasting and 14 worn out. the basics

19th row: 13 persons. primary color, 9 contrast and 13 faces. the main

20th row: 12 int. main, 11 out. contrast and 12 int. the main

21st row: 11 persons. fundamentals., 13 persons. contrast., 11 persons. primary color

22nd row: 12 out. main, 12 int. contrast and 11 of us. main

It is further proposed to insert a blue marker in the first and last loop - 11 persons. main, 12 persons. contrast. and 12 individuals. the main one.

Next, we knit according to the scheme, since we already know the necessary conventions.

 In the 57th row, you will need skpo - remove one loop, next. to knit and stretch through it.
k2tog - 2 together front 
p2tog - 2 together purl

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