Amigurumi Seahorse Free Pattern

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Starting to knit from the head. 
1row: In the ring of the Amaguumi 
2row: b increments (12) 
Zrow: (1SBN, add) * B 8) 
4th row: (2SBN, add) * 24) H 
5th row: (ZSBN, add) * B 30) 
Bryad: (4SBN, 
7-8 series: ZBSBN. 
9row: Knit not to the end of 24SBN, to get the top in the ring 
and continue knitting the Merdochka "Karmashek", 
There will be analo necks. 
10-11 rows: 2 bn. 
12row: 8SBN, 
Premiums, 8s6n (20) 
13th row: 8SBN, 2 Ubavki, 8sbb:18) 
14th row: 5SBB, Add, BSBN, (20) 
15th row: Ubavka, 16SBN, Ubavka (18) 
16-18 series: 18SBN. 
19 row: 7SBB, raise, 2SBB •, add, 7SBB (20) 
20row: Ubava, 16SBN. Decrease 
21 Series: (Ubava, 1sb)*6 (12) 
22row: 6 decreases. Trim the thread, pull the hole on the 
Muzzle. Make nose nostrils. "Linking, PRFSBN from one 
Loops. Get a tight head. "Take a thread at the chin. 
2 rows on the left of the 12SBB. 
Stuffing in the course of knitting. Continue knitting neck-torso 
Range: Raise, 10SBN, increment (14) 
4row: 13SBN. Plus (15) 
5row: 15SBN. 
Bryad: Raise, 13SBN, increment (1?) 
7th row: 16SBB, plus (18) 
8row: 18SBN. 
9series: Add, 15SBN, 2 p IBAVKP (ju 
10row: 21SBN. 
11th row: Add, 18SBN, 2 added (24) 
12th row: 24 hours 
Scarcely: (Increase, 8SBN) * 3 (27)
14series: (Add, 9SBN)*3 (30)
15-19 series:

Insert the Prozolku in length sm on a back. 
Stuffing the figure tightly and knit uniform Ubavki 
For the tail around the wire frame. 
20row: 25SBB, Ubava, 1st BA 
21 row: Ubava. 25с6v. 
22 row: 23SBN, 2 Uavkay 
24 row: Ubava. 20 Kill 
25 Row: 2 
26 row: 15sbn, y 
27 row: Ubavka, 15с6n. u5avkg 
28 row: 13SBN, 2 ubcaps 
29 row: Ubava, u_ 
30 the number of the Ubava. 10с6n. @ Evka 
31 Series: Ubavki- 
32-35 Series: 10с6n 
36 Series: Open, lower 
3740 Series: 9SBN 
41 Series • To the end of the wire: Wang, 
Last row: 4 Uavki, Styantrtzerstib 
Mirror tail 
Knitting fin details) 
In the second loop from the hook 4sba; Poveriћfa 
1 VP 
For lifting, с5n, вl. 1sbe. * Same Loop Previous 
Rotate knitting. In every ћredydushhego of the series) 
Knit (1с6n, 1SSN, 1s2n. 1 CQ-;. 
It'll be like half a tee 
We draw the fin 
Sides of the seahorse. 
Knitting • Grivki " 
Making a chain on the back L series: ibn, 1в9a 
2 row: With alternating in EA Arch: 
N, Tan 
1sbn. 1SSN, 1s2n. 1VL, 1s2n. 
We make eyes: large-l beads.:


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