Knitting Showy Hat

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Hat with easy to knit but showy pattern

S (M/L), which corresponds to the head coverage 53-55 (55-57, 57-59) see

2 skein yarn Lana Grossa COOL WOOL (100% Merino, 160 m. in 50 g.)
Hosiery Spokes № 4 or circular for knitting by "Magic Loop" method (see video below).
2 long, hosiery or circular spokes № 3.5 to start knitting.
1 marker to mark the beginning of a series
Needle for yarn

Density of Knitting:
24 loops and 34 series = 10x10 cm. With less knitting needles. The cap can be knit on the spokes or circular spokes, the length of which is equal to or less than the circumference of the cap.


To dial 90 (100/110) loops on long spokes № 3.5, to put loops on spokes for knitting in a circle, to place a marker.
Knit facial 12 rows.
1 row of purl, 13 rows Facial.
To fold a cloth in half in a place of a bend-seamy a row and to connect a podgate, having put together a face 1 loop, picked up from a braid inlaid of a row, and 1 loop from a spokes. There should be a double gate.
1 Facial, then go to the spokes № 4.
Number of increments: * 10 persons, add 1 loop, repeat from *.
The main pattern: * 5 rows all loops Purls, 4 rows All loops facial, * Repeat 10 times (or as you deem fit), finish the main pattern after tying the rows with the purl.
Number of decreases 1: * 1 persons., 2 together front, repeat from *.
1 row of facial
Row decreases 2: * 1 persons., 2 together front, repeat from *.
1 row of facial
Row decreases 3: * 2 together front, repeating from *.
Cut off the thread, stretch it through the remaining loops, tighten and fasten. Hide the ends of the threads.


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