Knitting Shortened Vest

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Slightly shortened jacket, connected from a thin alpaca. Knitting begins from a collar, a line of a reglan and a shelf of a jacket are decorated by a cute pattern which is knitted according to the diagrams given in the description. The basic fabric of the model is connected by a platery pattern, laths of shelves-reverse gladkoj, and sleeves-stocking viscous. The description is calculated for many sizes. 

Dimensions: S-M-L-XL-XXL-XXXL. 

Materials: Yarn DROPS ALPACA (100% Alpaca, 50 g/167 m) 7-7-8-9-10-11 skein color 2925, spokes hosiery and circular 3 mm. 

Knitting density: 24 loops and 32 series = 10x10 cm stocking viscous. 

Description of Knitting. 

Buttonholes: The first loop to execute in 1st persons. P. After loop collar, trace. Loops knit through every 8 cm. For one loop: knit to consequences. 3-Loop series in the trail. Persons. P., Scum, 2 p. Together, 1 N. P. 

Yoke: Dial 106-110-116-122-128-134 p. (incl. 5 p. laths Reverse Gladka in the beginning and at the end of a row) and Projazit 6 circles by a platin pattern, in a trace. A number of knit faces. P., evenly adding 12-24-22-24-22-12 p. = 118-134-138-146-150-146 p., at the same time to execute the first button loop. Get a trace. A number of individuals. P. 
Further continue: 5 p. laths, A. 1, 7-7-5-12-13-13 p. platnym a pattern, a. 2, 12-16-18-16-12-6 p. platnym a pattern, a. 2, 40-44-44-50-56-60 p. A platin pattern, a. 2, 12-16-18-16-12-6 p. platnym a pattern, a. 2, 7-7-5-12-13-13 p. A platin pattern, a. 1, 5 p. Strips. 
Continue knitting on the figure by doing 3-3-3-4-4-4 Vert. A. 2 = 334-374-402-434-470-498 p. = 20-23-25-27-30-33 cm from the inlaid edge. On the trail. Circle to move the loops of sleeves to the extra. Spokes, instead of them for the undercuts dial new 10-10-12-12-14-16 p. 

Main item: = 222-242-258-282-314-342 P. Continue knitting with a dress pattern, put on the marker in the center of the undercuts-side seams. After 26-25-25-25-24-23 cm from the supports finish knitting after full vert. Of the Rapport according to the scheme of a. 1, then to get 10 rows of a platonic pattern. Close all loops. 

Sleeves: Move the deferred loops on the hosiery spokes and raise the edge of the undercut new 10-10-12-12-14-16 p. Set the start Circle marker in the center of the new loops = 76-86-96-100-106-110 p. Continue knitting stocking viscous, after 3 cm from the undercut reduce by 1 p. C Each side of the marker (at the beginning of a series of knit stretch, in the end-2 p. Together persons.). Repeat the circle of decrease every 21/2-11/2-11/2-1-1-1 cm only 13-17-20-21-23-24 p. = 50-52-56-58-60-62 p. Through 38-36-34-33-30-28 cm from the undercut freely close all loops. 

Assembly: Sew the buttons on the edge of the left shelf.

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