Amigurumi Doll for Keychain Free Pattern

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We will need:

Hook. I knitted two hooks № 3 (head and legs) and № 2.5 (everything else)
Eye beads
Beads for weights of handles and legs
Cocktail tube (from baby juice Box)
Needle with a large ear 

Yarn of different colors. At your discretion. It is better if it will be roughly the same thickness. The photo shows the yarn I used.

VP-Air Loop
PRSs-a column with a scale
SS-Connecting Column
Ave. – The increase
UB – Ubava

The filler is stacked in the course of knitting

Knitting like a regular ball, a pink thread
1) 6 in the Amaguumi ring
2) 6 ol (12)
3) 1 SBN, D-6 times (18)
4) 2 SBN, D-6 times (24)
5) 3 SBN, D-6 times (30)
6-10) 5 rows unchanged (30)
11) 3 SBN, UB-6 times (24)
12) 2 SBN, UB-6 times (18)
13) 1 SBN, UB-6 times (12)
Change the thread to white
14) unchanged (12)
Change the thread to green
15) 1 SBN, D-6 times (18)
16) 2 SBN, D-6 times (24)
17-21) 5 rows unchanged (24)
Change the thread to white
22) Knit 1 row without change for the back half of the loop

(the front halves remain for tying to them skirts) 

23) 2 SBN, UB-6 times (18)
24) 1 SBN, UB-6 times (12)
25) 6 UB.
Loops to pull


Take the yarn crimson color and the tip of its thread hiding between the green and white rows, make a buttonhole and out of it 3 VP now Knit 2 PRSs in each floor loop. Then we take a yellow thread and tie the edge of the skirt, alternating the RVN, etc.

Pink Thread
1) 6 in the Amaguumi ring
2) 6 ol (12)
3) unchanged
4) 6 UB

Inside put a few small beads. Instead of beads it is possible to put a little bit of filler. 
Loops to pull and out of the same thread to tie 8 VP leave the thread to be nailed.
The handles should be flattened so that they are in the form of droplets, flat, but not thin at the same time. 
Boots (Hot pink thread)
1) 6 in the Amaguumi ring
2) 6 ol (12)
3-4) unchanged
Finish the SS, cut the thread, hide inside.

Sole (white thread)
1) 6 in the Amaguumi ring
2) 6 PR, SS (12)
Leave the thread to be nailed.

Assembling the Boots

Thin legs stick out of our shoes. To attach these legs to the shoes, take a tube of juice, cut off from her two small pieces. 

The pink thread stretches through the shoe center. Tie the end of the thread to a piece of the tube, so we fix our leg. Inside the shoe put a large bead (or filler). Now we are sewing the white sole to the shoe. 

From the thread that sticks out of the shoe, knit a chain of 8 VP This is our leg. Leave the sewing thread for sewing. 


We find the most advantageous place for the abalone, the end of the pink thread to the inside of the head, cling to the buttonhole and knit into it: VP, 4 SBN, S.S. thread trim and its end also hiding inside.


Hair can be made a doll who as accustomed, who knows how. I do like this: I take the yarn thicker (I like plush), the tip is hiding in the crown of the head and start sewing the loops, fixing them (on the crown) with a needle with a thread. I take the most usual sewing thread, it is easily drowning in the plush and is made inconspicuous. 

Then all the resulting plush buttonheads in a circle to the head, so they do not hang.

Now you have to sew the handles and legs and decorate the face.

And if the doll will serve you pendant/keychain, do not forget to sew on her buttonhole.

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