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in my description if there is a number and there are no identifying columns, then this is a sc - a column with no quit. For example: 1, pr - means 1sbn, pr
ss - connecting column
zsp - the back wall of the loop is
exactly the row - continue to knit without changes
. vp - turn, air loop
In knitting, use a marker, because I have the usual rows with increments not listed ((1, pr) x 6 times) in brackets how many times to repeat and just keep repeating the knit until the end of the row. 
Body (pink) or any color you like
6 in a
1, ave
2, ave
3, ave
4, ave
6 rows exactly
4, killed
4 rows exactly
3, K 
3 rows exactly 
2, K 
1 row exactly 
1 K 
K Beef (pink), or any color which you nravitya 6 ring 1, pr = 9 2 pr 3, pr 4, etc. 5, etc. 6, etc. 7 , pr ss, 13, ss, turn. air loop do not kill, 9, ub, pov, ce Ub, 7, Ub, poo. vp Ub, 5 Ub, pov, ce Ub, 3, Ub, pov, v.p Ub, 1, ub. vp tie around edge The feet (Light brown) do not fill We knit the whole product behind the FPA  6 into ring 1, ave = 9 1 row exactly 2, ave 4 rows exactly

chicken legs

further carefully, we divide our foot into 2 parts, continue knitting 6 and close with the first loop. we have 6 columns of knitted and 6 not knitted 
3 rows exactly 
u. and repeat with the rest of the not tied loops

FeetLegs (light brown)  
Knit for the free-fall zone.
Leave a long end for sewing 
6 points. Close 
2 rows exactly 
6ub (this will be our knee) 
11 rows exactly

legsHead (milk)
6 into the ring 
1, pr 
4 rows exactly 
1, killed 

headThe neck (here we have 2 colors of brown and milk) we start with St. brown
Leave a long end for sewing 
6 in. n connect 
12 rows of exactly 
milk 1 row exactly, of 
sv. cor. 1 row 
milk exactly 4 rows exactly

Eyes (White)
6 in the ring 
3 rows exactly 

eyesEyelids (St. brown)
6 in a ring 
2, pr 
3 rows exactly

The bill goes 2 colors orange and yellow
5 in a ring 
1, pr 
3 rows exactly 
3 rows exactly

beakWe are going to start our ostrich better from the bottom and do not forget about the wire frame .. In our feet, the frame goes "Y" I inserted already in the finished product. the same wire goes through the pile, the leg, the body, the neck and the head. and the second wire simply enters the body. It's much more convenient for me to make a frame than to tie a wire. 
All light loops. 
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