Crochet Leaf Chestnut Free Pattern

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Leaf Chestnut 

We begin with a pattern of midway, then alternately knit elements of a leaf. In the description the scheme of the smallest element pattern is considered. The rest of the knit is similar by adjusting the length of the number n in the chain. 

The first stage of knitting is a set of chain of the EAP for tail and Midway. Further be affected is knitted by circular rows. 

Be affected 
We recruit a chain of 28 EAP. We lock the chain of 4 EAP in the ring. Further knitting pattern: 

1r: 1 VP, 7 SBN, 1VP. Finish a series of SS; 
2r: 1 VP Lifting, 13 SBN, 1 VP, SS in the hoist loop; 
3r: 1 VP, 20SBN, 1 VP; 
4r: 1 VP, 24 SBN, 1 VP; 
5r: 1 VP, 32 SBN, 1 VP. 
We put the remaining EAP two P. stlb b/N, each attaching to the middle SS. 

Smallest-right bottom-leaf element 
We make a chain of 13 EAP, we bind the SBN, attach the nozzle. The third midway of the 1r Tail. We bring the SS to the next. P. Midway instead of 1 VP Rise, then-in a chain of the EAP-2 stlb without/N, 2 polpole. S/N, 2 STSN, 2 posts. With 2n., 2 pillar. With 3н., 2 pillar with 4n., in the extreme VP and SBN proyazit 15 sts4n. 

The second half of the element is knit mirrored. The last column of the b/n is attached SS to the middle. 
Skip 1 stbn, 3 stbn, * pico, 2 stbn *-Between *-* repeat 10 times, 8 SBN. 

The other elements of the chestnut leaf tie on the same principle.


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