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My dear readers, crochet fans) I suggest you to tie a Christmas wreath of red roses and Christmas decorations. If the wreath for you is not quite relevant, you can use a master class on knitting roses. Rosettes can be decorated with clothes, a bag or used as a separate accessory. In my opinion, these are the most beautiful and lightest roses, which can be crocheted.

Next, knit 5 air loops for lifting + 1 crochet column. Then 2 air chanted and double crochet in the same loop of the previous row. Again double crochet in the 2nd loop of the previous row, and so on. I think everything is clear from the photo.

Third row: 2 double crochet + 2 vozd. loops. Each window of the previous row is bound by 2 tbsp. with nak. + 2 air. loops.

Fourth row: 6 double crochets + 1 single crochet

To create such Christmas-tree toys, you will need any yarn, sintepuh or cotton and always a gold thread. I think that it is in this golden thread and the whole effect)

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The basis of the Christmas wreath is cardboard wrapped with tape

Then we knit all the rows in a circle, up to the middle of the Christmas tree toy, knitting 2 air loops into each loop of the previous row

Having knitted until the middle, we do a decrease - we knit one air loop into each second loop of the previous row

Do not make up the 3-4 rows, fill the toy with cotton wool or synthetic fluff. If you want the toys not to be too light, you can insert something like a coin into them.

Like starting knitting toys, knit a hat with gold threads

Do not forget to tie the tail)

Hat sew to the toy
Source:  http://crochedananinha.blogspot.com.br/2012/12/guirlanda-roses-red-em-croche.html

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