Amigurumi Teddy Bear Like Rabbit

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【Hamanaka】 Tweed Bazaar peach ①1 ball
【Hamanaka】 Tweed Bazaar Tea ② · Deep red ③Little by little
Eye ball button 10 mmTwo
Felt ball tea 8 mmOne
Two hole button 15 mmFour
Embroidery thread etc. (for mouth embroidery)A small amount
Wood beads 8 mmOne
Button attachment threadA small amount
cottonReasonable amount
43 Teddy Bear Wind Rabbit Ami-Gurumi

Crochet 5 / issue
Binding needle

I walk in the middle of making. 
The height put in the ears in an upright state is about 18 cm. If you do not understand seeing the knitting diagram, please refer to the points since 2 since that.

We knit all parts as shown in the drawing. The foot changes from ② to ① at the last drawing knitting at the second row. Cut all threads leaving a lot of yarn ends. Stuff cotton except for the ears and squeeze the mouth with the end of the yarn that left the limbs.

<Attaching the head and torso> 
Head and torso are sewn by scooping the final knitting head of each final stage one by one using the yarn end of the torso (or head).

After sewing one lap, the yarn end of the head and the yarn end of the barrel are consolidated two or three times,

Bringing them together into the torso,

Pull the knot and cut the thread when the knot enters inside.

<Keep an eye> 
Put a needle from the position of the left eye to the position of the right eye in the hole of the ninth step of the head and give the thread.

After passing the eyeball button of the right eye, return the thread from the right eye position to the left eye position again.

Pass the eyeball button of the left eye, and if you pull the two pieces slightly like the part of the left and right eyes slightly, tie it 2 or 3 times under the left eye.

Thread two threads through the hole in the left eye position together,

Pull the knot and cut the thread when the knot enters inside.

<Ear the ear> 
Fold the ears into two, pass the thread several times to the root using the end of the knitting thread, and set a crease.

Sew it to the head with this thread as it is.

Sew to the 2nd to 3rd stage of the head.

<Attach hands and feet> Apply two hands and feet 
together in the same way as the eyes. Thread is threaded from left arm position to right arm position,

Pass the arm and the button and return the thread from the right arm position to the left arm position again.

Pass the arms and buttons, and pass the thread from the left arm position to the right arm position. Repeat this 3 or 4 times, finally tie 2 yarns two or three times at the left arm position and dispose of them in the manner of 10 · 11.

Sew the feet as well as the arms. Sew the wool ball to the nose position and embroidered the mouth. Hoppetti crochered heads and eyed one by one.

<Add flowers> 
Wear beads in the center, sew a little by scooping eyes of both head and ears. Completion!
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