Pullover with Diamonds Free Pattern

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Pullover with Diamonds Size: 38/40 (42, ' 44) 46/48 
You will need: 700 (750) 800 g Orange yarn (68% Sheep Wool, 29% Alpaca, 3% polyester- R, 50 m, ' 50 g);
Knitting Needles 10. 
Platelka Mating: persons. and N. P.- Persons. P. 
IPMs. Surface: LCH. P.-N. P., N. P.-Persons, p. 
Elastic band: Number of Loops multiple 4 + 2 
Chrome. Persons. P.: 2 persons., 2. The post- 
To finish 2 persons. IPMs. R: 
Loops knit on the figure. 
Diamond pattern (from 16 1): Knit on 
Scheme on which only the 
Persons. P., in P. Loops Knit by 
Figure, the scum knit faces. Associate 
1 time from 23rd to 26th p., 7 times from the 1st 
On 26th P., Finish 1st and 2nd p.- Total 188 p. 
Transverse pattern: alternately 2 p. N., 2 p. Persons. 
Density of Knitting: 11.5 p. and 16 P. = 10x10 cm. 
Attention! Pullover Knit Whole 

Across, start with the left sleeve. 
Arrow on the pattern direction 
Job Description: Dial 64 p. and 
Knit as follows: Chrome, 
16 p. Platelki knitting, Z p. izn. Surface 
14 p. Gum, p, H. The Gladi, 16 
P. Platelki, Krom. In 2.5 
CM = 4 p. From Inlaid edge to start 
Knit on both 16 p. Platelki 
Diamond pattern, the rest of the p. 
To knit on a pattern. After 30 cm 
= 48 R. (27.5 cm R.) 25 cm = 40 
P. From the inlaid edge to add or 
Additionally dial for giving 
Form on both sides of 1 p, and in Breakfas 
House 2nd R. 1x1 and 1 X2 p. izn. Surface 
; 72 in 34 cm; 54 R. (31.5 cm = 
50 p.) 29 cm = 46 R. From Inlaid Edge 
Additionally dial for lateral 
Edges on both sides 44 L. = 160, 0 p. 
and knit as follows: Chrome, 
10 p. Cross pattern, 8 p. N. 
Gladi, 16 p. of a pattern from rhombuses, 14 p. 
IPMs. Gladi, 16 p. of a pattern from rhombuses, 8 
P. N. Gladi, 14 p. Gum, 8 p. izn. 
Gladi, 16 p. of a pattern from rhombuses, 14 p. 
IPMs. Gladi, 16 p. of a pattern from rhombuses, 8 p. 
IPMs. Gladi, 10 p. Cross Pattern, 
Chrome. After 45 cm = 72 R. From the set- 
To cut the edges of the mountain 
Work in the middle and first 
Knit before and backrest separately, 
At the same time the loops from the cut edge will 
Chrome. These crom. Knit for cutout 
The neck as follows: in the 
Persons. P. Take off as a., Thread at work 
Tighten, in the P. Knit Crom. 
IPMs. 59 cm 94 from inlaid 
Edge reached the middle of the front and 
The backrest, then finish the 
ver symmetrical, i.e. adding 
will become a diminish. After 118 cm 
= 188 R. From Inlaid Edge close 
The remaining 64 of the P. N. 
Assembly: carry out seams of sleeves and Side seams 

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