Crochet Tunic for Pregnant

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Pregnant Tunic :
For Gr. 36-40 and 42-46 
Band: Approx. 5 x 90 cm 
The data for Gr. 42-46 are available in 
Brackets. If only one indication is 
them for all the above sizes. 
Junjkæ Fischer Piazza il (13) kn. fb. 7311, 
I longer circular needle 3.0-3.5 mm, 
I crochet hook 3.0-3.5 mm. 
Band: Fischer Piano 2 kn. fb. 4979, 
I crochet hook 8.0 mm. 
Hole Pattern: Each round according to the knitted font 
I arb., doing the pattern set Forti. Reps. 
The 1st-8th lap of Forti. Reps. 
Peacock pattern: Each round according to knitting 
Font 2 arb., with the pattern set Forti. 
The 1st — 4th round Fortl. Reps. 
Lace pattern: the HINR. According to knitted font 
3 arb. The sample 
Fortl set. Reps. And with the M after the 
Pattern set and edge. Ends. In the back. 
All m and envelopes left Str. 

In case of acceptance, ensure that the 
compensate for envelopes and Zus. M. 
The first 
-16th series Forti. Reps. 
Pattern Sequence: * 22 Rd. Hole pattern, 12 Rd. 
Peacock pattern, from another 2 x reps, then 
Still 22nd hole pattern = total. 124 Rd. 
Emphasised acceptances: 
At the beginning of the series: Randm., 1 m R depending, 
Follow. M R str. And they were held. M. 
At the end of the series: Up to the last 3 m 
St., follow. 2 m R zus. Str., RANDM. 
Note: To create beautiful, even edges 
We recommend that you 
To knit the edge stitches, i.e. the Edge 
Mesh is used both at the beginning and 
Knit right at the end of the row. 
Sample size: 
Hole Pattern: 
22.5 m = 10 cm wide 
22 Rd. = cm high 
Peacock pattern: 
22.5 m-10 cm wide 
12 Rd. = 4.5 cm high 
18.5 m = 10 cm wide 
30 R = 10 cm high 
Attention: If the mesh 
Sample correspondingly thicker or thinner 
Use Needles! 
Please note: pure cotton 
and pure wool should not be loose 
Be entangled. 
Working instructions: 
Note: The skirt in one piece in 
Round str. The upper part on the left or 
Right front piece and start in a 
Piece across the shoulders in rows 
Skirt: With the Rundstricknd. 3.0-3.5 
MM in Piazza 240 (280) M Conn., for 
Close round and according to pattern sequence 
Arb. Simultaneously from the stop for the tail 
tion in the succession. Rd. Evenly distributed 
M ABN.: 
22nd round: 19 (8) m ABN. -221 (272) 
35. Round: I (2) m ABN. = 220 (270) 
56. Round. 
• 16 (15) m ABN. = 204 (255) 
Remaining. M. 
69. Round: 4 (5) m ABN. -200 (250) 
13 (12) m ABN. -187 (238) 
90. Round: 
Remaining. M. 
103. Round: 7 (18) m ABN. = 180 (220) 
Remaining. M. 
After 43.5 cm = 124 Rd. Stop all M 
Top: With ND.-3.5 mm in Piazza 
For the Left Front part 87 (99) M Conn. 
And in the lace pattern arb. 
At the same time from the stop for the V- 
Cut bevel on Liriken edge 5 x in 
Each 2. R and 19 x in each succession. 4. R each 1 m 
Emphasizes ABN. = 63 (75) M. 
After 32 cm = 96 R from Stop all M 
Shut Down (= Shoulder line). 
The right front piece against the same arb. 
Now the set-aside m of the left and right 
Front part with an intermediate stop 
of 45 m for the rückw. Neckline Edge 
to the RUNDSTRICKND. 3.0-3.5 mm Take 
= Total. 171 (195) m and over all m in 
Lace pattern arb. 
After 64 cm = 192 R from Stop all M 
Waist Band: With the crochet. 3.0-3.5 mm 
In Piazza 208 (240) air. + 1 Turn- 
Air. Conn. And with I r fixed m and I R 
Cancer meshes (= fixed m from left to 
right). Now turn the work 
And the stop Edge also with I R 
Crochet a crab mesh. 
Working out: clamping parts, moistening 
and let it dry. 
Sew the upper part to the skirt, while 
Keep the width on Rockweite. 
The cutting bevels and the rückw. 
Neck Edge as well as the ARMAUSSCHNITV 
Edges with the crochet. 3.0-3.5 mm in 
Piazza with each I rd. fixed m and I Rd. Krebs- 
Mesh fixed m from left to right) 
The stop edge of the Rockteils with the 
Crocheting. 3.0-3.5 mm in Piazza with 1 Rd. 
Crochet fixed m. In the next Rd. how 
Follows arb.: 1 fixed m, 1 Picot 3 air., 1 SL St. In the L. Luft.), from Forti. Reps. 
Attention: Each round with 1 air. As a replacement 
For the first fixed m, start with 1 SL St. 
In the spare air. Stop. Be careful 
That a straight number of stitches results. 
The waist band on the seam between 
Sew skirt and top in Vord. 
Middle at the beginning and end of the 
Let it hang evenly or knot. 
Hair Band: With crochet Hook 7.0-8.0 mm 
with 3 • Folded thread in piano a approx. 110- 
120 cm long air: strike the chain and 
Crochet on both sides with fixed m. 
In this way total. 3 Cords Consistency- 
Now these 3 cords together at one end 
Menfassen and sewing, braiding and 
Also sew in the lower ends. 

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