Crochet Pattern Tutorial

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a )Inse r t hook
into top of ch3
from pr evi ous
b )Ch3=(ltr) c )lhtr into next 4tr along
side , 3htr into 3ch corner space,
lhtr into next 4tr along side

d )ltr into next tr , ltr into next
de, ltr into next tr, lhtr into next
tr, ldc into next tr , lhtr into next
tr, ltr into next tr, ltr into next
de**, ltr into next tr , rep from *
t w·1 ce an d f rom * to ** once again

f )chl=(ldc) , ldc into each st!tch of
previous round~ Working 3dc in o
centre stitch of each 3htr corner
group ~ Join wi h SS into first de .

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