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Angels trudge easily, one can be done in an hour. 
Good luck.

Take 7 strands ~ 1 meter long. (I always take a little more than what is written in the book) 
Tie a knot in each middle. 
PS For beginners. To make silk threads better tied, slightly wet them.

Take 3 strands with a length of 1.2 meters. 
Secure to the left of the node with a double linkage.

Expand the right end of the thread from the knot. Now it will be the foundation.

We tie horizontal rep knots with all 6 threads from the knot from right to left.

Take the 2nd thread with a knot. We fix it slightly at an angle.

Again a breeze of horizontal rep nodes.

The same with the second end of the thread.

So we make with all 7th threads. We are not tying up the last band yet.

We mark the left end of the last thread somehow, for example, we tie a loop.

The last band is designed as a clean edge. Those. We remove all ends in the breeze. So that the bridal is not very thick, we will cut off the excess threads. To do this, we marked the base, so as not to accidentally cut it. 
Clean edge: We 
tied the first thread as usual. 
Then we attach the right end to the base and weave a knot on two threads. Try to keep the base on top. 
Cut the first thread under the root. Look not to be confused with the basis, not for nothing that we have marked it. 
And so on, until there are two threads left.

Here we have a clean edge

We tie double flat knots on 2-5, 6-9 and 10-13 threads. 

Make sure the basics are a continuation of the breed (direction)

6-9 threads

10-13 threads

Next row. Tied in a checkerboard pattern. 
4-7 and 8-11

Next row. 
We take four threads as a basis: 6-9

We tie a double flat knot on four bases with two extreme threads.

Double flat on 2-4 threads (one basis of thread) at an angle.

Double flat on 11-13 threads.

At an angle we weave a band on the first thread 2-7.

The first knot on the right is tied on two threads. Then we cut off the excess. 
KEEP the foundation. For this, we marked it with a node.

Basics are intertwined.

We take the sixth as a base and weave a Brid of 1-5 threads.

Weave on the corner. Previous basics are not involved in the work.

Do the same thing on the right side.

We tie knots in each team as close as possible to them. I sometimes use a thin needle. I insert the tip of the needle into the loop and direct it as close as possible to the bridle.

With knots.

On the back of the nodules smear transparent glue Moment.

After drying, cut under the root. 
I then burned with a burner

Making a head of a bead.

Cut a circle from a centipone, pierce it in the middle and dress it with two middle threads.

We put on a little ring (nimbus) and tie a knot.

We form a hairstyle.

Behind we make out a bow.

That's all. Have a nice work

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