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A hat . Hook No.4-5. The thickness of the yarn is 100 m / 100 gr. Two vp, the first weave 8 st.b / n. Further expansion according to the law of the circle: 
1 row - 16 st. b / n 
2nd row - 24 st.b / n 
3 rd - 32 st b / n, etc. 

We knit a flat circle about 8cm. in diameter (do not confuse with the radius Very Happy.) Further, the series without increments, followed by additions. Repeat this sequence 2-3 times. As you loosen the hat, you have to try it on, because it depends too much on handwriting. 
And then 7-8 cm. (Depending on the size of the head) of a flat cloth, without any additions. End the straight section of the cap should immediately over the top of the ear, so that the eye does not fall.
The fields are knit, alternating the row with the increments, observing their rhythm, with a row without the additions to the desired width of the field. Rhythm - this means that if you have completed the increase on the crown, adding to each 7th article, then in the margin you start making increases in the eighth, and so on. If you want a flat field (usually it is done in summer hats), you make increments in each row, but at the same time you spread the hat on the table and see if the field is fussing. The handwriting and pattern can make their own adjustments to this formula. 

But this is just an indicative scheme. Each new hat-hat I see differently from the previous one, because the thickness of the thread plays a big role, even if it's almost the same as the eye. I tie a row or two - and look closely, how to lay out a dome or field. Sometimes I dissolve several times until I achieve the desired bend

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lush column is knit with an open top (there are two loops left on the hook), then - a napkin and this pillar is tied together with a magnificent one. 
I have knitted them for a long time, these hats can have already forgotten. EmbarassedTomorrow, perhaps, I can say more precisely - I'll try to tie a new one. Now I'm a little different knit, pigtails. So in this pattern lush with polustolbikom knit with a common top at once

Sharnik accordion:
Needles are needed # 2 and # 6. The thickness of the yarn is 550 m. / 100 g. On the double we type 41 loops knit 8 rows. Then go to the six, we also knit eight rows. So, alternating densities, we knit a scarf, about twice as long as desired. Then, on the wrong side of the work from the broaches in the rows connected on the six, we raise the loops in such order: after the 1st loop, after the 4th, after the 19th and 20th, after the 39th and 40th. We lift the loops only in the "loose" rows. When we reach the dense strip, we skip it and continue the line of ascent on the next "loose" strip. 

That's all. Good luck, girls!

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