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Hello everybody! 
The coming year 2014 will be the year of the Horse. 
I propose to tie here such a Horse Fashion - my first author's work. I checked the knitting of the legs and the body, but if you find errors in the description, write to me from this. By the way, I can be with you. ;) When publishing on other resources on the network, please give a link to my blog and the author's indication- Natalia / Nata007. I will be pleased. Briefly about "Modest Horse" Height: 21 cm. The horse is crocheted. Clothes: hook, knitting needles, sewing. It's worth it. The legs and the body are connected in one detail. The head is sewn. Hands on the thread. Hair / mane, tail and clothes can be changed.

I hope you like the horse. I would be happy if you show photos of your horses tied in my description. 
It is forbidden to sell toys through the Internet, it is allowed to sell toys for charitable purposes or use as a gift !!!!!!! 
Pleasant knitting! This turned out my horse: Here are the descriptions of clothes. How to sew probably clear with the photo. I'm just learning how to sew, I do not quite know how to describe. The skirt is just a rectangle. Fastens on Velcro. Dress: 2 rectangles. It is necessary to leave armhole for hands and sew on tape on top and pass gum. I also have Velcro for fastening. I still do not understand how the machine makes loop buttonholes, but the idea was that the dress is fastened on the button on the neck (from the side where the Velcro now is).

Knitted clothes here: a sweater, 2 pairs of pinets and a pink blouse - my favorite. This is a horse from strekossa. Thank her very much.

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