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I often come across the fact that girls complain that it is very uncomfortable to knit small details on the knitting needles.
Of course, to tie 2 or 3 loops roundly on 2 or 3 knitting needles is a tedious task.

But there is a great way to make this work not torture but pleasure.

In English, this technique is called "i-cord". Abbreviation from English "idiot cord" - "idiot cord" 8))).

The name indicates that in fact everything is extremely simple, and every fool knows and knows how. 8))) But at one time for me this technique has become a real discovery. And very simplified the work. And given that most often I knit small animals and pupae, the problem with handles and tails has disappeared as such 8)))

Most likely you know this technique well, but maybe this master class will be for someone the same discovery, as for me in due time.

And now I end with the lyrics and turn to the demonstration 8)))

For work we need 2 spokes and a ball of threads.


First we will make here such a loop.

Now pass the hook through the ring, grasp the long working thread and pull it out.

Now through the resulting loop again, draw the thread (make an air loop) and tighten it so that our loop is not too large.

On this principle, continue to gain the required number of loops.

 I was just knitting handles for chanterelles. I needed a hollow cord of 5 loops, which I typed.

Remove the hinges from the hook and put them on the spoke.

We take the working thread and bring it to the first loop on the right side (the beginning of knitting).

Try to pull it as close as possible so that the hinges are gathered in a circle.

And we sew the whole series as usual.

Now we move the loops to the opposite (right) end of the knitting needles, without turning over the work.

We pull the work thread stronger and again we tie the entire row.

Repeat this process until the length of our cord reaches the length you need.

Then we remove the loops from the knitting needle.

We put them on the hook. Cut the work thread.

We stretch the working thread through the loops

We tighten the knot.

And put the tips of the thread in the inside of the hollow cord. That's all the wisdom 8)))

Well, here is the result of my efforts. Paws for my new Chanterelle.

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