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Yarn "Children's novelty" "Pechora Textile", consists of 100% high-volume acrylic (50gr / 200m). 
Hook 3,5 and 2 (for strapping at the end)

Master class on knitting the pattern "scales" crochet can be seen here and video here

1 row: dial 42в.п.

We connect, 3в.п rise, ст с / н in the same loop

* 2 st c / n in the third loop, 1в.п * repeat until the end

2 row: we unfasten the scales. We make the cape, enter the hook under the st / n of the previous row and bind it to the c / n

We knit another 4 of the same st c / n, 1 in., We tie the second c / s with five st c / n (the second half of the scales)

similarly we cut out the following chertocks

3rd row: 3 in. Rise, * 2st s / n in the middle of the scales, 1 in., 2st s / n between the scales, 1 in. * To the end. At the end, to three in the upswing we establish a c / n

the transition to the fourth row by connecting loops 
4 we knit the row as the second, only we look that the upper flake was between the lower scales

We knit so about nine rows of scales (18p)

For a finger, dial 8в.п and connect with a number like on the photo

19-22 series: 3в.п rise and continue knitting as in the first row. We knit two more rows of scales

23 series: we knit st b / n, uniformly decreasing 2n (42-2 = 40n)

24 series: we knit st c / n, uniformly reduce 4n (40-4 = 36n)

We knit 4 more rows st c / n, cut the thread.

divide the front and back markers (by 18p).

1 knit from the wrong side to transfer the mittens. We deviate from the edge three loops and we knit according to the scheme 1

We turn knitting and we knit according to the scheme 2

Then I switched to hook 2 and knitted according to scheme 3

At the back we also tie a step by step


Eye and beak

Thanks to everyone who had the patience to look through to the end)))))))))) I hope someone comes in handy)

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