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Dress - a tunic  for a girl 3-5 years old. Author's handmade. Hooks 0.5-0.6 -1. Cotton threads were used.

At first we make a pattern from paper or on a light cloth from fabric. We knit the number of strings of flowers we need, according to the diagrams. We lay out in the composition on the pattern and pin with pins. The elements are pinned to the inside out, as we knit by connecting motifs on the seamy side with an irregular grid. The mesh is also fixed with pins.

Strongly without tightening, so that after removing the finished product from fixation, it is not pulled together and does not decrease in size. But the net also should not sag. To make the product more airy, we use a thinner thread for the mesh than on the motifs themselves. And when connecting motifs, we cling to two loops without piercing through a flower or leaf. We take only the rear walls. When the product is ready, we stretch in water at 30 degrees and dry horizontally on a towel.

Patterns knitting tunic:

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