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1. dial in an amigurumi ring 
8 loops 
2 rows - 16 loops (in each loop 2) 
3 rows - 24 loops 
several rows without additions

2. Add the main color and bind 1 row without adding

3. In each loop we sew 2 loops

4. We knit another row without adding

5. track number of knit 2 additions (2 to one) +2 b \ n and so on the circle
 (in the column of the previous row you are tying 2 bars, in the next 2 - one by one.)
!!! 10 loops, the second will be on the frontal part, and below - we knit without adding !!!

6. We knit several rows without adding

7. It should be like this

8. Start evenly in a circle

9. Begin to design a muzzle. We plan a contour of a nose

10. Embroider the spout For the eyelet used beads or beads Embroider the brow

11. Begin to knit the ears. We dial 7 loops in the ring, in the second row 14 (in each of 2) and knit without adding

as soon as we see that the ear turns out, we start to decrease.

We connect 2 linen cloths and leave a thread for sewing the ear to the head. Sew the ears

12. We knit the hat

we type 8 loops, in the second row - 16, in the third - 24, we knit without additions. After a couple of rows, add 10 column with the nak

Add a filler to the cap, sew. Do not forget to tie up the loop now, if it's a slingo toy.

Evenly reducing, we bind the head.

13. Begin to knit the torso.

we collect 9 loops in a ring, 2 row - 18, 3 row - 27, 4 row - 36, row 5 - 45

We knit several rows without adding, fasten to the head through the spout.

continue to knit the body without adding until it seems that "everything, perhaps, is enough"

Filling, closing.

14. We knit two legs. Knitted 1 row - 8 in the ring, the second - 16. Without the addition of 1.5 cm approximately,

then slightly reduce, fill and close.

15. Feet. She knit 8-16-24 loops, after several rows she only

on one side of the 3 rows, then again without adding. To fill, sew. Sew pads handles

Knit shorts. Shorts knit in a circle. You need to collect as many loops as there are 45 bears in the body (in this case 45), try on the bear just in case. And knit rows 6 - fantasize!

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