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I decided that enough time is left in one place: you need an incentive, motivation. That's why about a month ago I began to "master" the VKontakte site no longer as an ordinary user, but as a master craftsman :) I  invite all comers to support my group  . The material is small, but I try to collect there not only my toys and brooches, but also various inspirations and master classes. In addition, VC - soc. network and therefore (it seems to me) communication there will be more interesting than in the comments to the notes :) 

And now I boast about my new toys for this period of time. There are not many toys, because most of the time it takes away the studies, so there will not be too many photos ... 
This was my first experience of knitting LTS, but I liked it. The hinges are seen well. And besides, she's so soft !!!give_heart
The first to contact was a cat described by Marousi Gerashchenko

12 cm sitting, taking into account the ears

Then I looked again at the cartoon of Ernest and Celestine! I really like him! First of all, because he is completely drawn! And such kind drawings! And the idea of ​​the cartoon is wonderful! So I tied my Celestine :) 

height of 16 cm including the ears
Eyes and a nose of a molding manually from a polymeric clay

Celestine is a young lady. It is confident, sits, in the tail wire.

Brooch Kotik Stefan
9 cm including the ears

bound from a mohair, hooked 1,3
Spout made of leather. Noses from the skin, too, tried it for the first time :) Until then molded or simply glued the purchased plastic.

Priadel cap and scarf - preparing for the cold. 
Mounting standard without sputtering

Monkey Basilisk
7,5 cm standing, 6 cm sitting

Bound from 100% cotton, hook 1.3 
Head on the button fastener, handles and legs - thread

It is worthwhile and sits alone
Slightly tinted with pastel

That's such a coffee bear turned out! His name is Tikhon. Soft and dreamy, very fond of pleasant little things. That's why I was pleasantly surprised when a small tassel attached to his scarf. 

He knitted from a children's mohair in two strings. Therefore, it turned out a little less than its predecessors - Stepanis and Stefan's fur hares - only 7 cm. The nose is made of leather, the eyes are beads. Lightly tinted with pastel. 

The fixing is standard, without spraying. And even the tail is :)

I hope you were interested to look at my kids :)

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