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Torso: a ball of fluffy yarn (I have a "crumb" from Nazar)

1 р: 6 ст б / н in a ring amigurmi, further increases:

2р: 12 ст б / н,

3 р: 18 ст б / н,

further deductions from 4 p: 12 st b / n, 5 p: 6 st b / n. The hole is sewn. 
Head : Bind a thread (I have a "Caramel" from the catex)

6 st in the ring amigurmi,

2 р: 12 ст / б,

3 р: 18 ст б / н,

4-5 p: to 18 st b / n,

with 6 r reduction: 12 st b / n.

Next, we pass to a fluffy thread: 7 p: 12 st b / n, 8 p: 6 st b / n, sew a hole.

Ears: dial 4 bp. In the second century. from the hook 1 stb / n, 1 polust st / n, then again polust st / n in the last loop. We make 2 more pol / st in the last loop. We tie it around the other side of the chain: 1 semist of s / n, 1 more half a s / n into the next loop and finish 1 stb / n. 
Legs: 6 sts / n in the ring amigurmi, 2-3 p: 6 st b / n. 
Assembly: sew the ears on the line of hair, sew on eyes (I have beads), to sew a spout. Sew my head to the body and legs. 
That's all   Very simple even

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