Crochet Beach Bag

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This awesome  beach bag  in the shape of a large seashell is crocheted from a light yarn. Sufficiently roomy for everything necessary, but at the same time unusually stylish and elegant. Supplement it with silver handles.

Materials for beach knitting bags:

Light yarn - 100% cotton

Hook No. 3

Finished handles made of silvery leather or imitation leather

Light fabric for lining

Abbreviations for the description of knitting:

SBN - columns (column) without crochet

VP - air loop (loop)

pet. - hinge, hinges

Density of the mating:   СБН: 20пет. and 21 rows = 10 cm x 10 cm.

Used patterns:

RLS: knit 1 RLS in each loop, replacing the 1st RLS of each series by 1 VP of lifting. To add 1 pet. knit 2 sc in one loop.

The main pattern (the number of loops is a multiple of 12 +3):

1st row:  * 1 RLS, without closing, to each of the tracks. 3 pet. and tie them together; for each RLS each of the next 4 pts; in the next loop knit: 1 sc, 1 st and cms; 1 RLS in each of the tracks 4 pet. * repeat the rapport, when there are 3 pet., knit 1 RLS, without closing, in each of the following 3 pet, tie them together.

2nd row: * 1 RLS, without closing, in each of the following 3 pet. and tie them together; 1 sc in   each of the tracks. 4w; in the arch from 1 VP knit: 1 sc, 1 VP and 1 SBN; 1 sc in each of the tracks. 4 pet. *. repeat from * to *, 1 RLS, without closing, to each of the tracks. 3 pet. and tie them together. In each row, the number of loops decreases by 1 pet. from each side.

Knitting a beach bag:
Front and back of the bag:

Dial 155 VP;

1st row: 40 sc, 75 pet. the main pattern, 40 RVS (to replace the 1st RTS for 1 VP of lifting!) Tie another 39 rows according to the drawing (75 with the main pattern and  2  edges). Finish the knitting. Similarly, connect the 2nd part.

The bottom and sides of the beach bag:  dial 4 VP.

1st row: 1SBN in the 3rd loop. from the hook, 1 sc in the next 2 pet. Then knit RLS, adding at the beginning and end of each row 5 × 1 pet. After making all the additions (= 13 pet.), Tie another 166 rows (= 78 cm) of the RLS and then subtract 5 x 1 pet from 2 sides in each row. Rotate the part and tie it 1 next to the connecting posts.

Assembling the bag:  prisborit central parts of the front and back of the bag on the base (as in the photo) so that the size of the base was 41 cm. Mark the middle of the base of the front and rear parts. Fold a detail of the bottom and sides in half and also mark the center. Combine the center of the detail of the bottom and sides with the centers of the bases of the front and back parts and sew the bottom and side parts between the front and back parts with a hidden seam. On the upper edge of the knitted bag tie a number of connecting posts. Sew inside the lining and attach the finished handles.

Everything, your new awesome beach knit bag is ready. You can go to the sea.


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