Pink Knitted Set

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Shaped tourniquet 
1st row -3 purlins, 12 facial, etc. At the end of the row 3 purl; 

The second and all subsequent even rows, and also the 3rd and 5th - "how the loops look"; 

7-th row - 3 purlins, 3 loops (1,2 and 3-nd) are taken off the pin and placed at work, we knit 4,5 and 6, and then we knit the loops from the pin, the next 3 loops (7,8 and the 9th) we take out a pin, leave it before work, we sew 10, 11 and 12, and then loops from a pin, etc. At the end of the row, 3 purl; 

9th row - repeat the pattern from the 1st row. 


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