Knitting Flower Pattern

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I call it "Lawn". It always turns out beautiful and "warm".
So: we need threads (in my case it's YarnArt BEGONIA 50 g 169 m in one thread), hooks suitable for thread. 
I had a scheme from some Japanese magazine: 

I did not understand how the circle of flowers began, I scored 4 cp. moth thread - this will be the middle:

Closed them in a ring and on the ring bound st. with nikodom, 1 v.p. repeating this 12 times: 

Then tying the red thread, I began to bind the petals:

I tied these flowers to 8 pieces: 


first along the inner circle, simultaneously connecting the motives between themselves: 

then along the outer circle: 

During the tying I neatly hid the red tails. 

I tied the main wreath and took hold of the middle. At first she tied the central flower, changing the thread:

then she tied a green thread: 

When tying with a white thread, I connected the center with the main wreath:

i tied the entire stand with two rows of columns without a crochet. Stand ready! 

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