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Cross-stitch carpets and other ideas.
Lovely masters, look, what a great idea a skilled craftsman has in the design of her carpet! At felt, holes are made, into which stripes of felt are splayed cross-stitch, embroidering with a cross, as in ordinary panels :)

2. Or cut the felt stripes, or used already ready

3. And then everything is very simple :) We embroider with a cross, like an ordinary mulina, trying not to make twists on the front side)

5. It remains only to pick up the original scheme for embroidery with a cross, which you can transfer to the palace :)

8. I think it's necessary to start your embroidery from the center, because the felt itself is heavier from additional embroidery and it is not so convenient for you to get to the center if you start your embroidery from the periphery.

10. Look, what else is the original way of creating a chic rug for which the stripes of fabric collected by the shuttlewale are consistently attached to spirals.


12. I would also regretted my work and hung such a rug on the wall in the form of a tapestry :)

16. For stitching with a cross, these fabrics are suitable if you want to embroider a large cross-shaped pillow.

18. Oops, but where did you come from? :)) Well, I will not delete, all of a sudden someone will come in handy :))

19.Yes, these mats of spiral twists look chic!

20. I remind you and this option. For him, you can properly clean his bins from small pieces of scraps :)

and this idea can be fully untwisted.

Lovely masters, I hope you will find these ideas useful, which I took as I went along the Internet :))

Successful creativity and original ideas in the design of your work :)

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