Italian Style Cross Stitch Embroidery

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Last year, at the Exhibition in Sokolnikiakh, I saw a miracle of sets, but I did not buy ... I was looking very much and regretting ... but then I found a book in the store and was happy - FLORENTIE Sewing. That's what they write in the internet - Bargello Seamappeared in Florence during the Italian Renaissance. For its implementation, use the Florentine seam and its varieties. Stitches form waves, tongues of flame, arcs, peaks; Gradual transitions of tones create expressive abstract patterns. To achieve the best result, use a single canvas and thick enough wool or silk to make the stitches completely hide the base. Choose several shades of the same color or contrasting colors of the same brightness (ie a few pale or slightly dark colors); more complex patterns can consist of two or three shades of each color or from several sharply contrasting colors.

Who knows and can - share your experience :-)

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