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The jacket is crocheted with an unusual woven pattern with a convenient zipper and is decorated with a satin ribbon.

Size  44.

Materials:  600 g of fine yarn (100% acrylic) in gray with lurex, a detachable fastener of 45 cm in length and a wide satin ribbon of pearl-gray color; hook number 3.

Fantasy patterns : according to schemes 1 and 2.

Knitting density:  10 cm = 25 p. Of the pattern according to scheme 1; 10 cm = 27 p. Of the pattern according to scheme 2.

Description of the knitting of the jacket:

Backrest and shelves: Knit one piece. For the bottom bar, type a chain from the 25th century. etc. and knit according to the scheme 1. At a total height of 89 cm, finish knitting and cut the thread. Resume knitting on one of the long sides by sewing 241 sts and continue knitting with a pattern according to Scheme 2. At an altitude of 36 cm from the beginning, use a stripe of contrasting color to mark out 55 points for each shelf, 12 pts for each armhole and 107 pts. for the backrest. Continue knitting 55 sts of the right shelf, subtracting for the armhole in each p. 2 p. And 1 p. = 52 p. After 10 cm from the beginning of the armhole, close the throat opening in each p. 10 p., 5 p., And 3 times 4 pips = 25 p. At a total height of 56 cm, finish knitting. The left shelf is knitted symmetrically. Resume knitting 107 st of the back, subtracting the armhole from both sides in each p. 2 points and 1 point = 101 p. At a total height of 56 cm, having received 25 pips for each shoulder and 51 pips for the neck,

Sleeves:  Type a chain of 61 in. etc., and knit with a pattern according to Scheme 2, adding on both sides in each 3rd r. 10 times 1 st. = 81 p. At a total height of 41 cm, reduce the sleeves on both sides for each p. 5 times 3 times, 5 times 2 points = 31 points and cut the thread. The total height is about 55 cm.

Assembly of the jacket: The  details are stuck on the pattern, moistened and let them dry. Stitch and sew the sleeves into the armholes. Tie the neckline 1 r. Art. with 2 / n and 1 p. Art. b / n. To fasten the shelves 3 r. Art. b / n. Bind the bottom of the sleeves 1 p. Art. with 2 / n and 1 p. Art. b / n. Sew a zipper. Pass the satin ribbon into the holes of the lower edge strap (see photo).

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