Crochet Dress for Baby Girl

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Materials: 2 skeins of Linha Camila Fashion yarn (cotton, 100 g / 500 m.) Cream color, the remains of green yarn, hook 1.75 mm, needle, 65 cm. 5 mm satin ribbon. Width of cream color, 42 beads of yellow color, 6 buttons.


Skirt: is knitted by a cross piece. Type a chain of air loops 31 cm in length. Alternate columns without a crochet and stitches with a crochet according to Scheme 1, perform truncated series according to Scheme 1. Knit thus 152 rows (or 15 repetitions) - i.e. to a height of 49 cm on the short side belt) and 81 cm long side (hem). Finish the job.

Coquette: on the line of the belt dial knit 112 st. b / n (1 bar per row). Divide the backrest and before.

Knit by the scheme 2. 1/2 back: knit over the first 28 posts. Continue to knit according to the scheme - 15 rows (including the already tied first row). Carry out cuts for the neck according to the scheme - 5 rows. Continue to knit according to the scheme up to the 17th row of the scheme. Repeat the rapport until the 25th row of work. Finish work. Repeat for the other half of the backrest mirror.

Before: knit above the central posts. Continue to knit according to the scheme - 12 rows (including the already tied first row). In the 13th row, leave the central 18 bars for the neckline, knit the sides separately, performing neckline cuts according to the scheme, up to the height of the backrest. Finish the job.

Assembly: sew the shoulders.


1. On a cut on a back and a cut-out of a neck to knit 1 series with columns without a crochet. Distribute 6 holes for the buttons along the left side of the backrest: the first on the edge of the neck, the last 9 cm above the bottom of the dress, the rest between them. Knit the second row of columns without a crochet, (1 in / p., Skip 1 bar, item b / n in the next column) - for each hole. Knit the third row of columns without a crochet. Finish the job.

2. At the bottom of the dress, tie a row of columns with no crochet.

3. Each armhole is tied according to scheme 2.

Ornaments: if you do not know how to decorate, tie 14 floral motifs and 14 leaves according to the scheme. Attach 3 beads to each chic flower in the center, sew a leaf, attach to the dress according to the scheme. Tie a ribbon in the bow in the center of the transfer.

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