Amigurumi Caterpillar

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You will need:
remnants of yarn "Olga" - cowberry color,
remnants of melange yarn "Swan feather"
the remains of yarn "Iris" white and yellow
flowers, hook number 1, eyes, 1 button.
Sink: Dial the yarn "Olga" 21 air. P.,
join in the ring. In the 1st and 2nd rows, add 2 p.
in each row. 2-12th series knit exactly in a circle
behind the back wall. 13th row, lower 1 point 14-16th
rows knit smoothly. 17th row, lower 1 item 18-21th
- Knit the rows evenly. 22nd row - 1 more down. Next
Reduce by 1 tbsp. b / n in every 3-rd row. Total should
get 52 rows. Fill the item with the synthepon,
twist into a spiral and sew. Then bend the first 2
row, secure with thread and needle.
Torso: type the yarn "Swan Fuzz" 4
air. etc., connect to the ring. Tie in 6 tbsp. b / n
in the ring. 2 nd row - add evenly 5 tbsp.
b / n. 3-4-rd series - add evenly to 3 tbsp.
b / n. 5th row - change the yarn to "Iris", knit
on a circle of 5 rows st. b / n, adding 2 tbsp. b / n in
each row. The next 15 rows - knit without
add on a circle (behind the back wall). Then
knit the "bend" of the trunk for this: unfold
knitting, tie 11 tbsp. b / n, expand the knitting,
hitching for another loop, knit 12 tbsp. b / n,
thus knit another 5 rows. Then knit
in a circle, gradually stuffing a part with a sintepon,
16 rows of art. b / n. Then knit in a circle, subtracting
in each row of 2 tbsp. b / n until
there will be 3 loops. Remain the remaining hinges and
fasten. Sew the trunk to the sink.
Horns: white yarn "Iris", dial 8 air. P.,
join in the ring. Knit in a circle behind the back
wall 3 rows. 4th row - add 2 tbsp. b / n, 5th row
- add 2 tbsp. б / н, 6th row - 2 tbsp. w / n, close
knitting. Sew the horns and eyes to the head.
Scarf: yellow yarn "Iris", dial 6 air.
etc., knit 43 rows, turning knitting,
after each row. Then the 44th
row, tie 1 tbsp. b / n, 4 air. P.
and 1 tbsp. b / n. Then another 7 rows of art.
b / n. Close the knitting. Sew
size fit button.


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