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First we knit colored yarn boots:
1 dial a chain of 10 vp
2 Starting from the 2 nd loop from the hook knit 8 sb, 3 sb in one loop, on the second side 7 cb, prib
3 prib, 7sbn, prib 3 times, 7 sb, pr 2 times
4 knit in a circle 26 sb for the back wall
5 26sbn
6 16сбн, (уб) * 5 times (21)
7 14 sb, ub, 3sbn we tie together, ub (17)
8 6 сбн, уб, 4 сбн, уб, 1сбн, уб (14)
9-16 14 сбн. Cut the thread
In the process of knitting we fill with holofayber. On request, we make a wire frame.

Then the thread is changed to beige and we untie the leg further: 17 12 sb for the back wall (we do it on the sides) 18-37 12 сбн. We cut the thread. Similarly we knit the second leg Torso We connect the legs together and knit shorts of white yarn: 38 we connect the thread inside the right leg, we knit 12 cb, then we collect 6 bp, then we knit on the left foot 12 sb, 6 sb on the air loops (36) 39-40 36sbn 41 42sbn (we make 3 increments at the back of each leg) 42 40 sb (in the middle in the middle we are tying 3p together) 43 38 sb (in the middle in the middle we are tying 3p together) 44 36 sb (in the middle in the middle we are tying 3p together) 45 30 sb (we make ub on each side and on the back of each leg for 2 ub) 46 30 Sb. Cut the thread

Arms 1 6bn in the spacecraft 2 (1сбн, приб) * 3 times (9) 3-20 9 sb, cut the thread Next, we continue to knit the torso with beige yarn 47 30 sb 48 28сбн (уб we do on each side) 49-52 28 сбн 53 with pins we attach hands to the trunk: (we tie together the inner side of the hand and the body - 2 sb, 12 sb in the body) * 2 times (28) 54 (7 fold on the arm, 12 sextons on the body) * 2 times (38) 55 36 sb (ub at the sides) 56 (4сбн, уб) * 6 times (30) 57 (3сбн, уб) * 6 times (24) 58 (2сбн, уб) * 6 times (18) 59 (sb, ub) * 6 times (12) 60 10 сбн (уб on the sides) 61-62 10 sbn

Head 63 (sb, prib) * 5 times (15) 64 (2 sb, prib) * 5 times (20) 65 (3 sb, prib) * 5 times (25) 66 (4 сбн, приб) * 5 times (30) 67 (4сбн, приб) * 6 times (36) 68 (5сбн, приб) * 6 times (42) 69-76 42 сбн 77 (5сбн, уб) * 6 times (36) 78 (4сбн, уб) * 6 times (30) 79 (3сбн, уб) * 6 times (24) 80 (2 сбн, уб) * 6 times (18) 81 (1 сбн, уб) * 6 times (12) 82 ub * 6 times. Loop the hinges, cut the thread and hide it. Decor The nose is embroidered with beige yarn, making a few stitches. We sew beads on the spot of the eye. We embroider eyebrows with a black thread. Hair Threads for hair cut into equal lengths. The length of the thread depends on the desired length of hair. Stitch the nets in half. We begin with the top of the head. We introduce a hook into the loop, grab the folded half of the thread by the middle and pull it out. We pull the ends of the thread through the formed loop and tighten it. So do in each loop, we move around in a circle. We continue to knit until we reach the hair growth line on the forehead. Then we plan how the hair will go on the sides. We fill each series in a similar way. If you get too thick hair, then you can make hair not in every loop, but through 1-2 loops. Then we trim the hair. Skirt Take the tulle, cut off the strip of 30x12 cm, add it in half and get 30x6 cm. So the skirt will be more priests. From the side of the fold we sew and pull together. We sew the skirt on the doll. Secure the thread and hide it.

Blouse We knit with turning rows. We type a chain of 25 vp 1. Starting with the second loop from the hook we knit 24 sbn 2 lifting loop (pn), prib, (3sbn, prib) * 5 times (30) 3 pp, prib (4bn, prib) * 5 times (36) 4 pt, prib (5 sb, prib) * 5 times (42) 5p, prib, 4sbn, prib, skip 8bn, in the 9th loop prib, 5sbn, prib 6 3 in, skip 3 sb, in the 4th loop the connecting bar and so on to the end of the row 7 pp, 4 sb for a chain from the bph and further to the end of the row, finish, leave the thread for stitching We put on the blouse on the doll and sew on the back. If desired, you can make a small toy and a hat for the pupa.

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