Openwork Shawl Spokes Free Pattern

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To get a shawl in the size 169 x 84, it will take 100 gr. White yarn (mohair + silk), and circular spokes № 4. With them it is more convenient to work, as with a direct large number of loops slips.
When choosing them, pay attention to the place of connection with cable lock. It is important that it is smooth, without cracks and burrs, so that the thread and the working cloth are not damaged.
Dial 301 Loop and twist the 12 rows of the strap: the edge, then 5 units of the platin pattern, 289 openwork ornament from the scheme (even rows of the figure), and again 5 pay-knit and edge.
For the bevel on both sides of the cloak, make a decrease. On the right: in facial knitting The last loop of the strap together with the next stretch. On the left side: Last up to a lath execute with the first loop of a lath obverse.
Continue to reduce until one loop is left.

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