Openwork jacket made of sectional color

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Size: 40-42 
You will need: Super lana yarn (70% polyamide, 30% wool, 270 m / 100 g) - 300 g sectionally colored, straight and circular knitting needles No. 3.5, hook # 3.6 of buttons. 

Shawl: persons. and izn. ranks - only individuals. loops. 

Facial smoothness: persons. ranks - individuals. hinges, rows - from. loops.

Back: on the spokes dial 88 p., Knit 6 rows of garter stitch. Then knit according to the scheme 1. At a height of 10 cm to be fitted, reduce on both sides 6 times x 1 n. In each 8th row. At a height of 26 cm on the needle should remain 76 p. Then knit 3 cm straight. After that, add 6 times x 1 p. In each 8th row. At a height of 48 cm on the needle should be 88 p. Next, continue to knit pattern 1, but without a garter. At the same time, for armholes, close on both sides 1 time x 4 p. And 4 times x 1 p. = 72 p. At the height of the armhole 18 cm, for the neckline close the middle 267 p. And then knit each part separately, removing it from the inside 1 times x 3 points and 1 time x 2 points. Simultaneously with the beginning of the knotting of the neckline on the other side, close the shoulder bevel 2 times x 9 point. Tie up the other part symmetrically.

Left shelf: on the needles, dial 40 p., Knit 6 rows of garter stitch. Next, knit the pattern according to the scheme 1, diminishing and adding the loops on the right side in the same way as the back. On the left side at a height of 40 cm for neckline close 14 times x 1 point in each 4th row. Unravel the shoulder bevel at the height of 66 cm from the beginning of knitting similarly to the back. 

Right shelf: knit symmetrically left shelf.

Sleeves: type 80 p. On the spokes, knit 3 rows of garter stitch. Then knit 4 rows according to scheme 2. Next knit the faces. At the same time, at a height of 8 cm from the beginning of work, simultaneously reduce 28 points = 52 points. After that, knit 6 rows with a garter stitch and then knit according to scheme 1, adding 4 times x 1 p At a height of 29 cm on the needle should be 60 p. Next, continue to knit the pattern of pattern 1, but without a scarf knit. In this case, for the sleeves, close 1 time x 4 p., 19 times x 1 p. Close the remaining 14 p. At one time.

Assembly: perform shoulder seams, on the shelves and back into circular needles, dial 115 points for each shelf and 40 points for the back = 270 points. Knit 8 rows with a garter stitch, then close all the loops. Sew the sleeves, complete the side seams and the seams of the sleeves. Tie the bar arches of 5 air. n. in every fourth loop. Sew on buttons.

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