Crochet bag with a pattern of popcorn

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Materials: 200g iris, hook 2.5, 4 loops for short handles, 2 loops for long handles, 2 carbines for a long handle, lightning in color and rivets. All these devices can be bought in the store, and can be used from the old bag. 

Description of the implementation of the model 

The size of the bag depends on your desire. You can tie a small ladies' bag, and you can make a big shopping trip. 

We knit 6 parts of the bag: 2 end, bottom bags, two side and handle. 

The main thing, when knitting, is to take into account that the end and bottom parts are knitted with a fabric of non-crocheted posts. The sides tied with a pattern of popcorn, and the part that is bent on the upper side - with crochets without crochets. 

The handle is knitted with single crochets. 


We sew the bottom with the end sides, and then with the side. We sew the upper part of the sides so that the upper side of the bag is formed (see fig.). 

Sew 4 loops for short handles and 2 loops for a long handle. 

We sew the zipper, and sew (or rivet) carbines to the handle.

For greater strength and preservation of shape, inside the bag you can make the substrate of solid materials (thick fabric, such as drape, or leather), as well as the lining.

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