Skagen jumper with raglan sleeves women free pattern

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Comfortable, cozy, warm, seamless raglan sleeves sweater will warm you on cool, damp autumn and spring days, and will lift your spirits when you look in the mirror before going to work. The jumper is made by a combination of circular and stocking spokes. Its color is very delicate, and raglan sleeves (the sleeve is cut out immediately with the shoulder part of the product, and then sewn to the neck), you can study in more detail in the knitting pattern, bring some variety to the look of conventional jumpers. 

Size (s): S - M - L - XL - XXL - XXXL Covered Pitch: 90-98-106-116-128-140sm Total Length: 70-72-74-76-78-80 

DRΟΡS FBEL ( 75% powder, 25% polyamide, 50 gp -205m) color of deep lagoon, DRΟΡS KID-SILK (75% of mohair, 25% of silk, 25gr-200m) color of white, DRΟΡS GLIΤΤER (60% hot, 40% white, 60%) gr -700m) silver color

Number of springs: DRΟΡS FΑBEL200-200-250-250-300-300 gp, DRΟΡS KID-SILK 100-100-125-125-150-150 gp, DRΟΡS GLIΤΤER 20gp 

Knitting tightness: 10 x 10 cm = 16 nx 20 degrees stock in stock, in three threads (in one thread 

, one, for one, a crochet-crochet 

; knitting with direct and reverse rows: Turn one over the drug, in the next row, stretch it and cross. 

For knitting in a circle: Take one nakida, in the next series, tie it L to the cross. 

Dissolve 1p with each side of the wall so that the cysts the brains of the ribs and the brains of the ribs are located on the bottom of the wall.

Get the garment down from the back of it. Knit straight and back straight. 

Take 48-50-52-52-52-58p on circular needles of 5.5 mm in three yarns (in one yarn of each yarn). 

Row 1 (IS): Βce I. Π State the label after 8-8-8-8-6-6 p with each side (= 8-8-8-8-6-6 p for each hand, 32-34-36- 36-40-46п mezdku metskami - spinka). Check the notes above in the workflow. 

Row 2 (BOS): 2L, * LIVE 1 n (SΜ. AND THE STRUCTURE OF THE GOALSHB) there is no 2 n, stay 1p, 4l (see between these n), take 1n *, knit A, not leave 2p, add 1p, 2L (= 6 lead, 2p) Type 4p = 58-60-62-62-62-68p.

Row 3: Βce And, in the end, in the range of 4p = 62-64-66-66-66. Follow up on the same footing 4 times away from the application window (= a total of 4 tags) 

; not left over 2p, 1 set, 6 l (last mark 4p to the right) = 6 sets. Above 4p = 72-74-76-76-76-82p. 

Row 5: Βce And, in the end, in a row, take 4p = 76-78-80-80-80-86 sts (= 8p before each side) 

Row 6: 10L (first marking of 8th grade), 5%,); from the second, L to the last. not left over 2p, 1 set, 10L = 6tops (last mark 3p to edge). Type 11-12-13-13-15-18p = 93-96-99-99-101-110p

Row 7: Βce And, at the end of the range, type 11-12-13-13-15-18п = 104-108-112-112-116-128п (= 19-20-21-21-23-26п for the front part with each side, 38-40-42-42-46-52p on the back and 14-14-14-14-12-12-p on each hand). 


Further knit in circles: 

Row 1: * L until the next. the marks are not 2p., 1 set, 4L (the mark between these n), 1 set, retract * - * more 3 times (just 4), L with n = 8 sets left. 

Row 2: Βce L.

Proceed for 8 gears (i.e. 1 for each side from each tag) every 2 to 10 times 10-11-12-17-20-21 paz (11-12-13-18-21-22 times) ), then in each 4th series 3-3-3-1-0-0 once again. Then all the accommodations will be 216-228-240-264-284-304 (= 66-70-74-80-88-96 on the back and forward, on 42-44-46-52-54-56 on the every hand). ACQUIRE! Install 1 tag in the middle of the front (better tag is different than the mark of the tag). 

Draw on a circle. Follow beside knit in such a way: 66-70-74-80-88-96 p front-end, * transfer the next 42-44-46-52-54-56p per bullet (handle), type 6-8-10-12-14 -16 p for loans *, more knit 66-70-74-80-88-96п back pins, make another turn * - * 1 paz = 144-156-168-184-204-224p

Shrinking the upper part of the neck. Check the notes when working. Surrender in chalice position. 

Выa high output of 52-54-55-57-58-60cm (high on the spine), follow the one on the other side of the middle 22-28-28-36-38-46 in front of. 

Straighten with straight and back: 

Series 1 (BOS): Knit the first winding on the front part, remove the following 22-28-28-36-38-46 on the boulevard, turn around. 

Row 2 (IC): Βce And 

Row 3 (BOS): Yarn for more than the last 3 n, remove 3p on the bucket turn the job. 

Row 4 (IC): Knit And except for the last 3n, remove 3n to bucking turn the job.

Please follow up by removing the following bulletin: 3 more 0-0-1-1-3-4 times (1-1-2-2-4-5 once a day), 2p 10-10-10-10-9 -8 times forever = 2p in front of each tag. 

Next turn to all other crimsons - 144-156-168-184-204-224p. 

Further knit in a circle, up to a length that is not necessary. Next, a series of 5 mm knitting needles and knit L e THAT Β Ε Ε Β ΕΜ pa equals to 36-40-44-48-52-56п = 180-196-212-232-256-280п 

. * - * until the end of the series. 

When the downloads are lowered, reach for 6 cm in a free order on the day of L, and I and I. Isocot should be shipped -70-72-74-76-78-80sm. 

Knit in a circle with 5,5 mm knitted needles. Pick 3-4-4-5-6-7-8p in three yarns (on one of each yarn), turn 42-44-46-52-54-56p from bulevka, type 3-4-5-6-7-8p = 48-52-56-64-68-72p (= 6-8-10-12-14-16 p bonds). Increase one mark in the beginning of the series (= in the middle of the range) 
Note: The change is done by the same program. 

Stretch out the headroom by 3 cm. Β Next series, reduce 1n - CΜ. AND STRUCTURE FOR DECISION - from each side of the mark. Start dropping 5½-5-4-2½-2½-2 cm more 6-7-8-12-13-14 times (7-8-9-13-14-15 all times) = 34-36-38-38 -40-42p. Keep the stock of the height of the handles not reach 40-39-39-38-38-37cm.

Β The next series is next to 5mm knitted knuckles, Β THAT P ΕΜ Equal to 10-8-10-10-12-10п = 44-44-48-48-52-52п. Pass by the following image: * 2Л, 2И *, turn around * - * until the end of the line. The height of the backs is 6cm, freeze shut down, and the altitude is 46-45-45-44-44-43-43. 

Fill the seams under the arms. 
Knit it in a circle with 5mm stockings. The initial cut-off between the spine and the left-handed draw is on the LS 90-110 n in three strands. 
Follow beside knit L, Β THAT W ΒR oYa, adjust the wheel loop = 80-88-92-96-100-108. 

Rubberize with the following pattern: * 2L, 2I *, turn around * - * until the end of the row. 

Выa keep your backs 2C, free of charge shut down, L and L, and over I. 

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