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Difficult, in fact, nothing. The main thing is to tune in to a good result, to include an interesting movie, and, like the real Mary the mistress, begin to knit slippers with needles. 
For a long time at school with us the teacher shared a very simple scheme. I still have it in my memory, and from time to time I tie all my household with such slippers. 

From the tools, prepare 5 knitting needles, threads, scissors and a needle. You can choose any threads, you can even knit from two different-colored balls at the same time. So slippers will be more dense, and the motley pattern will lift your spirits, whenever you wear them. Measure with a ruler, how many loops make a centimeter of the drawing. Suppose with our thread is 3 loops. Now measure the volume of your foot. For example, it turned out 20 cm.
First, tie a small test piece, alternating a row of facial loops, a row of purlins. The picture should resemble the waves.

Multiply 20 cm by the number of loops, which fit in 1 cm. That is, 20 * 3 = 60 loops. 

This is the number of loops now we collect on the spokes. Knit a number of facial, a number of purl approximately 10-12 cm. 

Next, distribute the loop on 4 needles. In our case, 15 loops for each knitting needle. 

We knit with facial loops, the pattern is obtained with pigtails. 

Depending on the length of your leg, we continue to knit 12-14 cm.

We turn down each spoke with 1 loop at the end and the beginning of the row. So knit 2 rows. Shrink the remaining hinges. It is more convenient to do this with a hook. Sew the heel. All is ready! For the decor, you can make bolobony or brushes. You can decorate with beads or embroider an ornament. It all depends on your taste and fantasy. 

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