Slippers crochet step by step

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knitting needles 2.5mm ; Nursing yarn 100g-420m in 4 additions ... 

Face side 
Beginning of knitting on 2 knitting needles. 
We collect 30 loops for women and 34 loops for men's socks. Knit all the loops of the front of the back wall. 
seamy side We knit: 1 loop, purl, 1 loop, not knitting, thread in front of the loop. 
After knitting the required height (10-11 side braids, depending on the size of the leg), we proceed to the heel. 

We start on the seamy side of the work. 

Having knitted 9 loops with the above pattern (1 of., 1 we remove without knitting), we knit 10 loops and 11 with a purl, then keeping the pattern for 8 more loops, 9 and 10 loops with a purl.
Thus, we have 19 loops on the right needle, 9 loops on the left. 
Without knitting them, we turn the work to the front side and remove the first loop from the left knitting needle without knitting, 8 loops on the front side, 9 and 10 together on the front side behind the back wall. 
On the left needle there are 8 loops. 

Without knitting them, we turn the work to the wrong side and remove the first loop without knitting it, we knit 8 loops in the above pattern (1 of., 1 remove without knitting, thread in front of the loop). 9 and 10 knit together purl. 
Continue in this way until the loops are cut from both sides of the heel cap. 

The photo cap heels. 
On the left side, the hinge cut is over.

Here it is necessary to dial loops from the edge row on the second needle and knit them with facial loops, turning the work around, we knit these loops with the purl, then loops on the cap, making the last cut (10 loops of the heel cap should remain). 

We collect from the edge loops of the opposite side of the loop to the 3-spoke and knit them with the wrong side. 

Knitting continues on 4 needles, one of them working. 

On the front side, we knit all the loops with the front, on the wrong side, the side part with the wrong side, and the heel cap with the above pattern, while shifting the loops by 1 to form a pattern similar to a scale. 
Now you need to dial the loop of the opposite edge loops. 
Thus, knitting continues already on 4 needles, of which one is working.
On each side, knitting is made by knitting stockings (with front loops on the front side, and backs on the wrong side). 
Knitting the loops on the sole after the cap on the next. Photo. 

The picture clearly shows the scale pattern. 
The circuit pattern on the underside of the work: 


o- iznanochaya loop; 
x-purl loop, shot unalloyed 
On the front side of the work, all the loops are knitted with facial loops. 

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