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Dear masters, let's connect with you the main character of the children's cartoon "Luntik and his friends." You guessed correctly, this is Luntik himself))) 
We will knit the character for the finger theater, but whoever would like to tie the game Luntik larger and without a hole, I will tell you how to do it. 
Here are the materials we will need: 
- Lilac, purple and white threads (I have “Narcissus” 400m \ 100gr); 
- hook, suitable to the thread (I have 1.3); 
- synthetic winterizer, sintepukh or holofiber; 
- needle for stapling with a thick eye; 
- plastic eyes or threads for their embroidery, knitting; 
- glue Moment crystal for gluing peepholes; 
- pins for pre-fastening parts; 

vp - sbn air loop - nakid column ssn - double 
nakid column 
psn - half double nakid column 
pr - increase 
kill - decrease 
ss - connecting column 
psm - displacement loop (we knit additional balance, number does not change) 
(12) - number brackets means the number of sbn in the row 
* 6p - the number of repetitions of what is written before this number in brackets 
Body with neck: you need a lilac thread, we knit it in a spiral 
1р. 6sbn in the ring amigurumi
2p. 6pr (12) 
3p. 3vp, 11cc 
4r. 3vp, 1pr ssn, (1сн, пр) * 5р (18) 
5-6р. 3vp, 17cc 
7r. 18sbn (the resulting finger then refuel inside) 
8p. (2sbn, pr) * 6p (24) 
9p. (2sbn, pr) * 8p (32)
10p. (3sbn, pr) * 8p (40) 
11p. (4sbn, pr) * 8r (48) 
12-13r. 48sbn14r. (14sbn, ub) * 3p (45) 
15p. (13sbn, ub) * 3p (42) 
16r. (12sbn, ub) * 3p (39) 
17r. (11sbn, ub) * 3p (36) 
18r. 36sbn 
19r. (10sbn, ub) * 3p (33) 
20-21 p. 33sbn 22r 
. (9sbn, ub) * 3p (30) 
23r. 30sbn24r. 30sbn for the front half loop 
25p. (4sbn, etc.) * 6p (36) 
26p. (5sbn, pr) * 6p (42) 
27r. 42sbn 
28r. (5sbn, ub) * 6r (36) 
29 p. (4sbn, ub) * 6r (30) 
30r. 30sbn with back polupetloy 22 series (stuffing body, not forgetting to insert a finger inside) 
for playing Luntikaotverstie do not, knit: 
1p. 6sbn in the ring amigurumi
2p. 6pr (12) 
3p. (1sbn, pr) * 6p (18)
and further we continue according to the description from the 8th row. 
Stage 2: knit head and ears.12 r. 17sbn, pr, 3sbn, ub, 4sbn, pr, 17sbn (46) 
13r. 8sbn, pr, 4sbn, pr, 7sbn, 2ub, 7sbn, pr, 4sbn, pr, 8sbn (48) 
14 p. 48sbn 
15r. (4sbn, ub) * 8r (40) 
16r. (3sbn, ub) * 8r (32) 
17r. (2sbn, ub) * 8r (24) 
18r. (1sbn, ub) * 8p (16), fill with 
padding polyester 19p. kill * 8p (4sbn), leave the thread for sewing 
Head: need lilac-colored threads and sintepon, knit in a spiral 
1p. 6sbn a ring amigurumi or 2Bn, 6sbn the 2nd loop 
2p. 6pr (12) 
3p. (1sbn, pr) * 6p (18) 
4p. (2sbn, pr) * 6p (24) 
5p. (3sbn, pr) * 2p, 7sbn, pr, (3sbn, pr) * 2p (29) 
6p. (4sbn, pr) * 2p, 8sbn, pr, (4sbn, pr) * 2p (34)
7r. (5sbn, pr) * 2p, 9sbn, pr, (5sbn, pr) * 2p (39) 
8-9 p. 39sbn 
10r. 16sbn, pr, (2sbn, pr) * 2p, 16sbn (42) 
11p. 16sbn, pr, (3sbn, pr) * 2p, 17sbn (45) 
At the expense of increments and subtracts, we formed a nose and cheeks, so as not to be mistaken, I suggest immediately marking places for peepholes with pins, you can simply pull places for eyes with threads. 
Ears (4pcs.): Need lilac and purple thread. 
1 p. 8vp, starting with the 2nd loop from the hook 2sbn, 3psn, 1sbn, 3sbn to the last loop, 1sbn, 3psn, 2sbn, change the thread to purple 
2p. pr, 7sbn, 1piko, 7sbn, 1ss, leave the thread for sewing. 
Stage 3: tie the legs and handles. 
Legs (2 pieces): need lilac and white thread.
1 p. We start with white thread 4vp, in the second loop from the hook 2sbn, 1sbn, 4sbn to the last loop, 1sbn, 2sbn in one loop (10) 
2p. pr, 3sbn, 2pr, 3sbn, pr (14) 
3p. 14sbn, change the thread on lilac 
4p. 14sbn lilac thread 
5p. 2sbn, ub, 5sbn, ub, 3sbn (12) 
6r. 12sbn 
7r. 1psm, 6sbn for the front half loop, 6 for the back half loop (form the heel) 
8p. 6sbn for the front half loop, 6 for the rear half loop 
9p. 6sbn, 6sbn for the back half loop 
10p. 8sbn, ub, 2sbn (11) 11 
p. 11sbn, 1ss 
Leave the thread for sewing, fill, drag the "fingers" with white thread. 
Handles (2pcs): you will need a white and lilac thread. We start with white thread.
1 p. 4vp, starting with the 2nd loop from the hook 2sbn, 3sbn to one, 1sbn, pr (8) 
2p. (3sbn, pr) * 2p (10) 
3p. 10sbn, change the thread on the 
purple 4-7r. 10sbn 
8r. (3sbn, ub) * 2p (8) 
9-10p. 8sbn, loosely fill 
11p. step down to the end, leave the thread for sewing 
knit lilac thread. 4sbn a ring amigurumi
2p. (pr, 1sbn) * 2p (6) 
3p. 6sbn, 1cc. Leave thread for sewing. 
Specks: you need two kinds of purple thread (thicker and thinner). 
In total we will have 7 spots: 
1. On the forehead, cheeks - 3 pcs., All the same in size. 
2. On the stomach - the biggest spot. 
3. Around the speck on the stomach - 5 pcs., But we will knit 3, the rest will be sewn.
Let's start with specks on the head (3 pcs.). We take the thread thinner (I have Iris). 
1 p. 6sbn in the ring amigurumi
2p. 6pr (12), 1ss, we leave the thread for sewing 
Spot on the belly. We take thicker threads (I have Narcissus). 
1 p. 6sbn in the ring amigurumi
2p. 6pr (12) 
3p. (1sbn, pr) * 6p (18), 1ss, leave the thread to sew the 
remaining spots. We knit with a regular thread, two knit with a thread thinner. 
1 p. 6sbn in the ring amigurumi , 1CC, leave a thread for sewing. 
So we finished knitting details. Now we proceed to the most difficult stage. 

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