Rainbow bear crochet

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To knit a rainbow bear we need: 

- yarn - pink, orange, yellow, green and blue colors, as well as white; 
- hook of a suitable size; 
- beads for peepholes or small buttons; 
- thread and needle; 
- filler. 

At the beginning we take the pink yarn and start to knit the bear's head. To do this, you need to dial 6 air loops, connect them into a ring and then knit according to scheme 1. From the 6th to the 14th rows, we knit the same 44 column without single crochet in each row. From the 7th row, we use orange yarn, and from the 15th row - yellow. 
scheme of knitting of details of a bear 

With the help of scheme 2 we knit the front legs with green yarn, starting with 3 air loops. 
From the 2nd to the 7th rows we knit 12 columns in a row.
Further, according to scheme 3, we knit the hind legs with blue yarn, also at the beginning picking up 3 air loops. Tying these 2 legs and knitting them together, knit the body with green yarn. Starting from the hind legs, we knit upwards in a circle of 22 columns without a nakida of 7 rows, then we take a yellow yarn and knit 20 columns, then 18, and then 16. Diagram 4 shows how to knit the body. 

knit amigurumi toy Figure 

5 shows how to knit a muzzle with white yarn. 
According to scheme 6, we knit a flower, using when knitting the first 2 rows of yellow yarn, and then white. 
Using scheme 7, we knit the ears in pink and orange.

After completing all the details, we fill in the necessary (head, torso, legs) and sew in turn. We sew ears to the head, making sure that the borders of the two colors match. Also we sew a white face and sew a spout on it with dark-brown threads. We sew or glue eyes, as well as a flower in front to the body. That's all, bear is ready. 

1 - air loop; 

2 - semi-cap with a crochet; 

3 - single crochet; 

4 - double crochet

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