Amigurumi Bear Free Pattern

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The master class difficulty level is simple, i.e. even an aspiring knitter can handle it easily. To tie a toy according to this description, you need to know how to do it: 
addition / decrease rule hinges on a circle 

ring amigurumi (or magical, moving, magical ring) 
columns without sc 
aerial loops 
thread color change 
, you will need the following tools: 
Milk (main) Color: cotton yarn Alize Cotton Gold, hue №01. 
Yellow color: use any acrylic yarn suitable for hook # 2. 
Hook number 2. 
Hook number 4 (for a scarf). 
Marker to indicate the beginning of the series. 

Bead eyes. 
Thread for sewing eye and embroidery nose. I used black cotton yarn. 
Decoration for the scarf (optional).
When using the above materials and tools, your Lovushka will turn out to be about 17-18 cm in height. 

SBN - single crochet column 
- air loop 
KA - amigurumi u -ring 
. - subtraction (knit two loops together, grabbing their front walls) 
ave. - increase (crochet two columns without crochet in place of one) 
All the details are knitted in a spiral. 
Crochet toy, description 
We start knitting with LOWER PAWS (LEG) (2 pieces). 
Use yellow yarn. 
1. 6 sbn in KA = 6 sbn 
2. ex . In each loop = 12 sbn 
3. [1 sbn, 1 ave.] X6 = 18 sbn 
4. [2 sbn, 1 ave.] X6 = 24 sbn 
5 - 7 (3 rows) = 24 sat
Change the thread on the dairy (main). 
8‒ 9 (2 rows) = 24 sbn 

This completes the knitting of the leg; the thread must be cut, fastened and hidden. 
Tie the other leg in the same pattern, but do not cut the thread. Dial 5 VP and connect both legs as follows: tie 24 sbn along the perimeter of one leg, 5 sbn along the “bridge” of air loops, then 24 sbn along the perimeter of the other leg and another 5 sbn again along the “bridge”. A total of 58 sbn perimeter of both legs. At the same time try to leave the seam (junction of the rows) behind or on the inside of the legs. 

Thus you will have the tenth row, which connects both legs. He is the first row of the body. Continue to knit yarn dairy (primary) color. 
11 - 25 (15 rows) = 58 UB 
26. Reduce 8 UB = 50 UB
27. 50 conf 
. 28. Reduce 8 conf = 42 conf 
. 29. 42 conf 
30. Reduce 8 conf = 34 conf 
31. 34 conf 
32. Reduce 8 conf = 26 conf 
33. 26 conf 
34. [11 conf, 1 kill] x2 = 24 sbn 
This knitting body ends. Thread cut, fasten and hide. Now it's time to fill the foot-to-body part with filler. 

Go to knitting HEAD. 
To do this, still use a yarn of dairy (primary) color. 
1. 8 sbn in KA = 8 sbn 
2. ex . In each loop = 16 sbn 
3. [1 sbn, 1 ave.] X8 = 24 sbn 
4. [2 sbn, 1 ave.] X8 = 32 sbn 
5. [ 3 sat, 1 ex.] X8 = 40 sat 
6. [4 sat, 1 ave.] X8 = 48 sat 
7. [5 sat, 1 ave.] X8 = 56 sat 
8. [6 sat, 1 ave.] X8 = 64 sat
9. [7 UBN, 1 pr.] X8 = 72 UBN 
10 - 30 (21 rows) = 72 UBN 
31. [7 UBN, 1 kill.] X8 = 64 UBN 
32. [6 Uib, 1 kill.] X8 = 56 UB 
33. [5 UAT, 1 kb.] X8 = 48 UBN 
34. [4 UbN, 1 kb.] X8 = 40 UBN 
35. [3 UbN, 1 kb.] X8 = 32 UBN 
36. [2 UbN, 1 kill] x8 = 24 sbn 
This completes the knitting of the head. Cut the thread, but do not forget to leave a long end for sewing the head to the body. Stuff your head with filler. 

Decorate the head GRIEVA.
To do this, attach the yellow thread to the loop on the head of your little dog. Then dial a chain of ten air loops. Pass the two loops and using a connecting column, attach a chain of air loops to the third loop. Result: you got the "arch". Again, dial a chain of ten air loops and make the next "arch". These "arches" you need to cover the entire surface of the head Lyovushki except muzzle. 

Go to knitting TOP PAWS (2 pieces). 
Use yellow yarn. 
1. 6 sbn in KA = 6 sbn 
2. ave. In each loop = 12 sbn 
3. 12 sbn 
Replace the thread with a milky (main) thread. 
4 - 20 (17 rows) = 12 sbn
Sew the edges of the arm with the help of UBN, cut the thread with a margin so that its length is enough to sew the arm to the body. Similarly, tie the other hand. 
Next in line is EARS (2 pieces). 
Use dairy yarn (primary) color. 
1. 6 sbn in KA = 6 sbn 
2. ave. In each loop = 12 sbn 
3. [1 sbn, 1 ave.] X6 = 18 sbn 
Cut the thread with a margin for sewing the ears to the head. 
The final touch - SCARF. 
Take the hook number 4 and the yarn is yellow. Dial a chain of forty air loops. Tie two rows with single crochets. Hide the ends of the threads. 

Sew head to body. 
Sew your hands on the sides directly under your head.
Sew the ears, retreating from the topmost point of the head (top) about nine rows left and right. 
Position your eyes between the 23rd and 24th rows of the head (count from above). The distance between the eyes is approximately 18-20 sbn. 
Embroider the spout at the same height (between 23 and 24 rows). 
Put it on your neck and sew (or just tie) a scarf. 
Sew any jewelry for a scarf to your taste. 


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