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To create we need 
white soft felt 0.4 mm, 
plastic eyes, 
nylon threads, a 
as well as body threads with which you knit a doll's head, 
glue super moment. 

From the felt, cut out the desired shape of the eyes, make a fool in the middle for fixing the pupil, try on, so 
that everything would be symmetrical with another blank. 

Embed the thread in a needle, and carefully sheathe around the edge of the shape of the eye, after everything is trimmed, start 
crocheting along the trimmed edge. 
Take the hook thinner than knit your head, sever the main thread in half so that it would be thinner
than you knit your head, counterclockwise, knit a single crochet (SBN) into each sheathed loop of the 
workpiece, when you knit it to the bottom edge, you knit with connecting posts (SS). 
Under the upper eyelid, glue the cilia, mark the location of the peephole on the face of the doll, make 
small holes in the head to insert the stick to which the icon is attached, paste the eyes into the head. 
Smear the eyes on the back side with a glue moment of crystal and firmly 
press them to the head of the doll, in order to press the eyes a little. 
Now you need to sew the eyes to the head of the doll, for this you take a needle and thread, grab the sheathed edge of the 
eye with the base of the head, and so on all around the perimeter of the eye.

All our eyes are ready, pay attention to the symmetry of the eyes, then make out the face at your 
discretion. I have not finished my hairstyle to do my hairstyle, so I decided to experiment a little 
how it can be with different hairstyles. 
My doll is connected according to Diana Patskun’s master class"Doctor Plushova "I haven’t decided 
yet what it will be, because I don’t choose who it will be, the dolls always choose their image for themselves. 
I hope you find my master class useful, thank you for your attention. 
Create a miracle with your own hands)) 

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