Knitting Chamomile Dress Free Pattern

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Complexity: Medium
Working time: 2 days
Materials: yarn, scissors, hook, needle with wide ear

Detailed description with photos of work with the adaptation of Tenerife or Luma.

For Midway Chamomile We tie 6 air loops, lock in a ring.

Knit 12 columns with one scale, lock in a circle, the ends of the thread by the needle. Be affected chamomile is ready.

Through a loop of a column with a scale stretch a buttonhole, fix it, and from it we pull the next. Attention! At the beginning of work the thread is stretched through Tenerife, in the course of work it is fed from below, in an aperture.

Holding the middle thumb above the device, and the rest of the bottom, throw a loop on the pin.

Thus, from 12 eyelets Midway it is possible to get 12 elongated loops on pins. First we fix a loop, and then from it we pull the next on a bayonet! Otherwise, in the process of socks not fixed loops, clinging, pulled out of the product and refuel them back is not possible.

To make the flower more lush, you need to go through a few laps. Again pull the buttonhole through the Sertsevina of the flower, be sure to fix

From the fixed loop pull the next and throw on a pin.

Here is what a stub for a flower turned out

On the height of the elongated loop knit chain of air loops, I have them 8.

Then pull the working thread through the two paired elongated loops and push the connecting loop

Do it again with the next pair of elongated loops

Then again knit a chain of 8 loops, fix it on the yellow middle. Petal is ready.

We also form the rest of the petals.

Cut the thread, hiding the ends with the help of a needle.

Connection of flowers. Projazit a chain, to connect it with a pair of elongated loops, to draw out a working thread through the middle of a ready petal, i.e. between pairs of elongated loops.

Holding this loop on the hook, pull the next of the second pair of elongated loops of the flower, which we knit. We put them together. We have connected the petals of two flowers

Now finish the working petal: Knit chain, connect it with the Sredinkoy flower.

So connect the flower behind the flower

And here is the result... However, the model is 2 sizes smaller than you need...:) Therefore, the cloth hangs down, the flowers are a little deformed...

Source : https://www.livemaster.ru/topic/210285-vyazhem-romashki-na-lume?msec=24

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